Translation of corsage in Spanish:


corpiño, n.

Pronunciation /kɔrˈsɑʒ/ /kɔːˈsɑːʒ/ /ˈkɔːsɑːʒ/

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  • 1

    corpiño masculine
    corsage masculine
  • 2

    corsage masculine
    • I ran down my list of things to get: got the flowers and corsages, got a ride, and got my outfit.
    • A modest corsage or arrangement of flowers from your own garden is much more meaningful than an expensive purchase from the floral shop.
    • Quietly, he reached into a box and pulled out a corsage, a lotus flower, and pinned it to the strap of Diana's dress.
    • Roy adjusted the pedals of the corsage's bright yellow flower until they were just perfect.
    • As for flowers, a small corsage you can pin on her coat gives you a reason to be face to face with her for several seconds at meeting.
    • The boutonnières, corsages and bouquet were all yellow roses, just blooming, to match the bridesmaids' gowns.
    • Perhaps best known as a corsage flower for a prom, wedding, or other special occasion, a gardenia also makes a great gift as a potted plant.
    • The eyes had been shadowed and the lips painted, the corsages had been attached, the flowers admired and the chocolates eaten.
    • The church people gave out corsages to the mothers, and of course the flower pinned to the leaf was an orchid.
    • The proper way for the corsage to be worn is the flower going upward and the stems down.
    • I even had a red flower corsage tied around my wrist!
    • These large flowers are exquisite and unique for corsages.
    • Mark was in the florist shop, picking out a series of flowers to place in a corsage.
    • Maryann wore a wrist corsage and the other bridesmaids had posies of roses.
    • The homecoming corsages wilt and disintegrate but the yearbooks, in all their forms, hang around for a lifetime reminding us all of the worst and the best of those adolescent years.
    • And at Christmas all the waitresses wore corsages.
    • I wouldn't mind a quiet guy who gave me nice corsages.
    • The corsage is on, dinner reservations are made, picture appointments are scheduled, and of course, you're wearing the perfect dress.
    • All that was missing was the corsage, and he almost felt guilty for not bringing one.
    • We know we deserve to be met at our flat, perhaps given a corsage, before we step out.