Traducción de cosh en español:


porra, n.

Pronunciación /kɑʃ/ /kɒʃ/

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    porra femenino
    cachiporra femenino
    macana femenino América Latina

verbo transitivo

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    to cosh sb over the head aporrear a algn en la cabeza
    • Fourteen years after this was made, the idea of robberies from trains, and indeed coshing drivers - coolly omitted from the professor's sophistical account of what harm his thieves have really done - lost a smidgen of its innocence.
    • The columnist coshed me on the back of the head and, while I was out, dumped me in the uncharted territory of his foreign policy mistakes.
    • Each member brought a particular skill to the gang, which successfully robbed the night mail train to London, causing serious head injuries when they coshed the train driver, who never fully recovered.
    • He yelled before he was coshed on the head, by a blunt object.
    • Sorry, it feels like somebody coshed me from behind.
    • They threatened to cosh him if he refused to hand over the phone.
    • He was coshed over the head by two balaclava clad men who made off with the money.
    • Detectives in Accrington today renewed their appeal for information about a robbery in which a shopkeeper was believed to be coshed with a gun.
    • The men rushed into the shop, coshed the manager, and attacked Mr Chapman and another assistant.
    • I always tend to choose chairs which allow me to see the whole room and that I feel uncomfortable standing on the street with my back exposed in case someone comes and coshes me.
    • A conspiratorial hush proceeds to cosh the masses, precipitating a muffled ripple of applause as the Mayor and his entourage take to the stand.
    • If D coshes V and he dies, D would be liable for murder as he intended to cause grievous bodily harm.