Translation of cosignatory in Spanish:


cosignatario, n.

Pronunciation /koʊˈsɪɡnəˌtɔri/ /kəʊˈsɪɡnət(ə)ri/

nounplural consignatories

  • 1

    cosignatario masculine
    cosignataria feminine
    cosignatory of sth cosignatario de algo
    cosignatory to sth cosignatario de algo
    • Hamm and his co-signatories asked in their open letter to the president.
    • There are co-signatories to this theory.
    • The issue was dropped from the convention itself because some cosignatories opposed a ban.
    • Since then, it has joined many of its co-signatories in more or less ignoring the treaty's provisions.
    • The co-signatories, and their representatives, were reduced to the role of spectators in the armistice's application.
    • State radio said yesterday he appealed to co-signatories in the agreement, including Britain, ‘to work toward making it work’.
    • He may see himself and his co-signatories as pious people, and may well believe that they are.
    • In the forward to the report I described it as comprehensive, balanced, and robust; so did the co-signatory to the forward.
    • His visiting French counterpart was a co-signatory.
    • I understand he would have needed a co-signatory to withdraw the money.
    • The report also says cheques should not be pre-signed, and the principal should be made a co-signatory.
    • But since Britain was, until 2000, still the only original co-signatory not to incorporate the Convention into its domestic law, citizens could not use it to appeal to British courts.
    • Since Dublin is the joint partner to the Agreement and co-signatory, it is hard to imagine how such a body could not have Dublin on board.