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cósmico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑzmɪk/ /ˈkɒzmɪk/

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    (dust/rays) cósmico
    an event of cosmic significance un acontecimiento de suma importancia
    • As the cyclic activity of our solar orbit governs all life on earth, so our cosmic orbit governs all life in the solar system.
    • Most of the universe is behind the cosmic horizon and cannot be directly detected.
    • The cosmic microwave background radiation contains billions of photons for every baryon.
    • Copernicus's removal of the Earth from that cosmic pit was not a demotion but a promotion.
    • So even after their best attempts to renovate our cosmic home, most of the Universe still remained elusive.
    • Maybe that unity on earth will make Albert Einstein a very happy camper as he looks at earth from his eternal cosmic home?
    • This bubble protected us from the dusty cosmic debris that shoots through space beyond the Solar System.
    • This gas forms part of a gigantic system of hot gas and dark matter that defines the cosmic landscape.
    • However, a close examination reveals several forces at work to create this beautiful cosmic object.
    • Here the human form becomes formless and merges into the cosmic void.
    • On the latter view, he is little more than a cog in the universal machine - a cosmic accident, a jumped-up germ.
    • Our bodies are made from interstellar dust which is the remains of ancient dead stars, cosmic debris and galactic particles.
    • They are weaker than cosmic and galactic rays, and tend to get buffeted around like clouds of manic dandelion spores on the solar wind.
    • They were studying variations that have been detected in the cosmic microwave background.
    • However, on cosmic scales this pulsar is very much in our neighbourhood.
    • Astronomers say that the six-way cosmic lens will reveal new information about how galaxies interact with each other.
    • It all adds up to a huge mess of cosmic change, collectively called galaxy evolution.
    • There's nothing like seeing the splendour of our galaxy spread across the cosmic bowl.
    • The circumference of the Earth isn't great in cosmic terms, and neither is the speed of an airplane.
    • It's not like taking a wee chunk out of one of the thousands bobbing around the solar system is some kind of cosmic vandalism.