Translation of cosmos in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɑzməs/ /ˈkɑzˌmoʊs/ /ˈkɑzˌmɑs/ /ˈkɒzmɒs/


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    the cosmos el cosmos
    • In this time there arose a widespread belief in the Heat Death of the Universe, the idea that the cosmos as a whole would eventually fizzle out just as a bouncing ball gradually dissipates its energy and comes to rest.
    • For a pagan Platonist its particularity seemed scandalously incompatible with divine immutability and with a universal operation of providence in the cosmos as a whole.
    • We respond to the luminous revelations of small transcendences rather than the ungraspable miracles of the universe or the cosmos.
    • This is a unique look at the cosmos and the universe around us.
    • Those are parts of the cosmos, but not the whole of the cosmos.
    • But then on the other hand, the whole cosmos or universe is based on this love or compassion.
    • Outer space, the cosmos, is a central element of what is regarded as psychedelic music.
    • While it is important to note the mutuality of aid among the three estates, it is equally important to note that social ordering, like the ordering of the cosmos as a whole, was firmly hierarchical.
    • But even the cosmos as a whole is not seen as the spiritually empty universe of astrophysicists and evolutionists, but the universe understood liturgically and reciprocally as a Cosmic Man.
    • Their results suggest that the reionization of the cosmos occurred when the universe was 6-7 percent of its current age.
    • Mathematical laws drive not only the microworld of atoms - and the forces linking them together - but the whole fabric of the cosmos.
    • Any concern about the human relationship to the planet Earth is a vastly different consideration from that of the human relationship to the cosmos as a whole.
    • And this meant that the whole of the cosmos was seen to be informed by a kind of Logos - or divine reason - which was ordering its patterns.
    • She had expected them to eat as if seeking to become one with each grain, to chew the universe and swallow the cosmos.
    • If we could learn to see mind as an essential rather than accidental aspect of the universe, a whole new sense of the cosmos and of ourselves would follow.
    • Is ‘nature’ the cosmos rendered in anthropomorphic terms?
    • It operates within the larger context of the local community and the rhythms and relationship of nature and the cosmos.
    • The Goya concept is inspired by the idea of the cosmos, blending totality with the unspecific.
    • In the space of seven years, the dark-energy revolution has rewritten textbook entries on how the universe operates and what will ultimately happen to the cosmos.
    • Let us begin with the notion of the universe as cosmos.