Translation of cost in Spanish:


costo, n.

Pronunciation /kɔst/ /kɒst/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(expense)

      costo masculine mainly Latin America
      coste masculine Spain
      notional/operating costs costos probables/de explotación
      • transportation/maintenance costs costos de transporte/mantenimiento
      • at no additional / extra cost sin cargo adicional
      • to cover (one's) costs cubrir los gastos
      • he has no idea of the cost of running a car no tiene idea de cuánto cuesta mantener un coche
      • to cut costs reducir (los) gastos
      • to meet the cost(s) of sth correr con los gastos de algo
      • These can include requirements such as security for costs from foreign plaintiffs, or the denial of legal aid.
      • The adjudication clause permits the Adjudicator to award costs to the winning party.
      • Accordingly, no profit costs should be allowed to the appellants for work done by their partnership.
      • If there is an appeal, then we would be able to recover our costs against the legal aid fund.
      • The son was convicted but the defendant was acquitted and awarded his costs out of central funds.
      • Number One is the represented litigant who is compensated for both costs and counsel fees.
      • Holding MPC liable for the defendants' costs would discourage the funding of litigation.
      • The claim is dismissed and the order makes provision for the legal aid assessment of costs.
      • The Swiss trial court charged the applicant with the bulk of the court costs of the action and part of the costs of the private prosecutors.
      • I am therefore urged on behalf of the applicants to make orders for payment of their legal costs now that the legal position is clear.
      • The bill allows the employee to seek penalties, interest, costs of the suit, and attorney fees.
      • Mr Bacon's primary submission was that party does not get costs of a counterclaim unless the order provides.
      • In particular, the costs to be allowed to a solicitor litigant in person are to be subject to the two thirds restriction.
      • There is no evidence from the three external funders that they will cease to fund the defendants' costs.
      • The main issue was whether there should be security for costs posted by the plaintiff.
      • There will also be detailed assessment of the claimant's costs for public funding purposes.
      • The defendants were also ordered to pay the adjudicator's fees and the costs of the claimants.
      • It is thought that the costs and legal fees cost him most of his career earnings.
      • The applicant is to pay the costs of the respondent of the summons on an indemnity basis.
      • The first defendant has agreed to pay the claimant's costs in the sum of £13, 975.

    • 1.2costs pluralLaw

      costas feminine
      to pay costs pagar las costas
      • costs were awarded against the plaintiff las costas se impusieron al demandante
      • costs were awarded to the plaintiff las costas se impusieron al demandado

    • 1.3(price)

      costo masculine
      coste masculine Spain
      • She defended her decision to ask the students for the amount to cover the cost of repair.
      • If this amount cannot cover the cost of the claim, then the balance is met out of the public purse.
      • In many regions, the amount of cash payments for travel did not cover the cost of a monthly pass.
      • The amount is only enough to cover the cost of transportation and food.
      • He says the vandalism is so commonplace costs for groups to use the community hall are set to help cover the cost of repairs.
      • Also, what you save on plane tickets alone might cover the cost of one cruise.
      • After all, after World War I, it used to cover the cost of pretty much any college degree.
      • The fee per session is 5 euro to cover the cost of coaching and insurance.
      • All need to raise a substantial amount of money to cover the cost of flights, accommodation and expenses for the nine-day trip.
      • The entrance fee of £1.50 will cover the cost of tea or coffee with biscuits.
      • Envelopes for people wishing to give a donation to cover the cost of maintenance are now available.
      • To support the show and to help cover the cost of prize money, we are selling advertising for the night.
      • They may also incur additional operating costs into the future.
      • Now that the industry is approaching its mature phase, prices can afford to rise to cover average total cost.
      • But it incurs the additional sunk cost of setting up a foreign plant.
      • The result is a significantly reduced total cost of ownership for the storage infrastructure.
      • Did the fuel tanker rebuild facility request a higher average cost per unit?
      • Another factor to consider is the high costs associated with repairing major appliances.
      • With budgets tight, people are choosing to cut extra costs in order to save.
      • They've had to work 10 % harder to raise funds to cover increased running costs.

  • 2

    (loss, sacrifice)
    at the cost of sth a costa / a expensas de algo
    • he became president, but at a cost llegó a ser presidente, pero a qué precio
    • she helped me out, at great cost to herself sacrificó mucho al ayudarme
    • at little cost to yourself, you could help one of these orphans haciendo un pequeño sacrificio podrías ayudar a uno de estos huérfanos

transitive verb cost, cost

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    • 1.1

      (article/service) costar
      how much did it cost you? ¿cuánto te costó?
      • how much does it cost? ¿cuánto cuesta?
      • it'll cost you! ¡mira que te va a salir caro!
      • that costs money eso cuesta dinero
      • keeping fit costs both time and effort mantenerse en forma cuesta tiempo y esfuerzo
      • Has anyone costed the price of a unit of electricity?
      • It's not costed into the price of our t-shirts.
      • It has to be confiscation, not purchase, as the ‘retrieval’ was not costed, or any price quoted.
      • On March 27 a one day course on Manual Payroll is planned and on April 10 you can attend a one day course on pricing and costing techniques.
      • He said the plans would be carefully costed and clear for all to see.
      • He said details of Labor's fully costed plan would have to wait until closer to the election.
      • Mr Gwynn said those ideas would then be turned into a plan that would be costed out and presented to the Government.
      • No, New Labour refuted the advert because they say the plans aren't costed properly.
      • This would form the basis for plans which can be costed and a suitable site found.
      • Two public meetings will be held to discuss the plans, which will then be modified and a fully costed business plan will be drawn up to gain funding.
      • They also insisted that the plan had been fully costed and could even save the NHS money.
      • Will you please now prepare detailed and fully costed contingency plans?
      • They have always had costed plans to make sure pensions are funded generously.
      • The station, in its application to the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland, states that its plan has been fully costed and the necessary finance is in place, confirmed and available.
      • He did criticise them for failing to cost their plans properly.
      • First, if a comprehensive Schedule of Dilapidations is costed the cost which the tenant would have had to incur to comply with the repairing covenants is ascertained.

    • 1.2(cause to lose)

      one slip cost him the title un error le costó el título
      • The midweek loss cost the Celts second place in the table.
      • In both away matches this season, Livi have sat in and invited attack, which duly cost them goals.
      • It was the Hokies' only loss, and it cost them another shot at a national title.
      • As many as 300,000 are employed in restaurants, hotels and other travel-related business and officials say the attack could end up costing half of them their jobs.
      • Again the ineffectiveness of him cost the attack much of its ability to maintain serious pressure.
      • The two drivers were involved in a mishap on the track that cost him the lead and put him out of the race.
      • It's the same arrogance that cost them the General Election.
      • The player, whose careless touches cost Aberdeen possession all afternoon, hooked it over the bar with his left foot.
      • Two of the women suing told yesterday how the side effects almost cost them their lives.
      • In the space of 15 minutes they struck the ball wide on four occasions and this cost them the game.
      • He had a fly ball sail over his head for a double, and it cost the team three runs.
      • The slight loss of concentration in the final corner which cost her a skeleton medal on Friday highlighted the point.
      • That loss a couple of weeks ago probably cost the Dubliners their league chances but this game is not about revenge.
      • It was a lack of putting touch that cost him the chance of achieving his long-held dream of playing in The Open.
      • In 1966, this hazardous situation led to a catastrophe costing the lives of 44 men, injuring hundreds more, and causing millions of dollars of damage.
      • It was a huge risk that could have cost him his job.
      • To me, this effort is costing him power and accuracy.
      • He was then seriously injured in a car accident that nearly cost him his leg.
      • A factory worker has won a payout of more than £100,000 after an accident at work cost him his left hand.
      • But local wildlife officials have vetoed this idea so far, he said, and this has cost him clients.

  • ( costed, costed)
  • 2

    • 2.1(calculate cost of)

      calcular el costo de
      calcular el coste de Spain
      she costed the project hizo un presupuesto para el proyecto
      • He suggested that the quality of the work was better than much of what was done in the private sector today costing large sums of money.
      • She must dial a long distance number, which can cost great sums of money for extended Internet use.
      • Some of these benefits cost significant sums of money to provide.
      • The Government's removal of tax relief on dividend payments has cost the pensions industry billions of pounds.
      • Books cost money and require the user to read them for the idea to spread.
      • The empire cost a vast sum of money to run and trade brought in much of that money.
      • It costs a reasonable sum of money to get in, and it never struck me as being worthwhile to pay it for a quick lunchtime scan.
      • The four-year Olympic cycle for preparation of Bulgaria cost the humble sum of seven million leva.
      • With delays and changes to software requirements costing extra money, there is always the danger that projects could spin out of control, ultimately delaying services and profits.
      • He says that their current ad campaign is costing a five-figure sum.
      • Major alterations costing huge sums had been made to the building to make it suitable for the regeneration scheme.
      • His last jaunt to Bermuda cost the princely sum of 27.50 a night.
      • Answering such questions would require collecting better evidence, which costs real money.
      • Expansion costs money, but revenue has never been a problem for this entrepreneur.
      • It costs money to improve security and make those kind of things happen.
      • On the flip side of the coin they cost the British tax payer millions every year, and have become out of touch with the public.
      • A pay hike for staff and an increase in NI payments are costing millions.
      • A North Yorkshire museum is so unpopular it costs council tax payers a whopping £9.78 per visitor to keep it open.
      • It costs money to restore these buildings and keep them in good order.
      • But the arrangement, plus the cost of essential repairs and maintenance, means it is costing council tax payers £66,000 a year just to keep the building ticking over.

    • 2.2(find out price of)

      averiguar el precio de
      he costed the different types of engines averiguó los precios de los distintos tipos de motores