Traducción de cost accounting en español:

cost accounting

contabilidad analítica de costos, n.


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    contabilidad analítica de costos femenino
    contabilidad analítica de costes femenino España
    • In the wake of a spate of bankruptcies during 1997-98, the corporate sector is also emphasizing better cost accounting and more transparent balance sheet management.
    • Indeed, the elaboration of public enterprise in the Early Bronze Age led to the innovations of cost accounting and other managerial techniques.
    • The introduction of discounting techniques into accounting was one of the key innovations of the post-war years that helped to construct management accounting out of cost accounting.
    • It is reported that the directors and the accountants had a sound knowledge of cost accounting but appeared to lack other managerial skills, thus leading, among other things, to the demise of the company.
    • The first is authority to ensure the Postal Service's financial transparency by compelling it to disgorge documents and improve its cost accounting.
    • Mid-level cost accounting, internal auditing and fund accounting professionals are currently sought for industry-based roles.
    • Time accounting is replacing cost accounting.
    • We will not enter into a debate as to whether this should take the form of full cost accounting or footnote disclosures.
    • It's a bit like those cost discontinuities you see in economics or cost accounting.
    • The next stage of improving defense management requires decentralizing the pursuit of efficiency on a framework of strategic planning, cost accounting, and performance measurement.
    • His skill and knowledge in cost accounting and transport were widely recognised and led to his appointment to various Government Committees.
    • Thus, the aim of this paper is to explore the extent of cost accounting practices and knowledge in 18th century Spain.
    • In other words, historical cost accounting as a global system may be unmanageable and unchangeable.
    • It becomes apparent that a sophisticated knowledge of cost accounting existed in this company.
    • The evidence provided in this paper shows how cost accounting contributed to the monitoring of managerial performance.
    • It is becoming more important for someone on the farm to have the ability to use records for financial statement preparation and for cost accounting.
    • The journals are read in this paper as part of the broader discourse about the role of cost accounting and its relationship to other professionals claiming influence upon this area of practice.
    • Interestingly, cost accounting was not used for vertical integration as in the British industrial revolution.
    • We could find no evidence that cost accounting was used to make decisions about the vertical integration of firms.
    • Even product and process costing fall outside the domain of cost accounting.