Traducción de cost cutting en español:

cost cutting

reducción de gastos, n.


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    reducción de gastos femenino
    cost-cutting drive campaña de reducción de gastos
    • The danger is not so much the hit to consumers but a new round of corporate caution and cost-cutting.
    • It has no plans to suspend the granting of stock options as part of its cost-cutting programme.
    • Quality and service should not suffer in any way due to this cost-cutting exercise.
    • He has said the company will have to speed up its cost-cutting programme as a result of the second massive recall.
    • The finance ministry blames this estimated shortfall on a drop in taxes, but says its cost-cutting will work.
    • It has to make up the leeway elsewhere through its legendary cost-cutting programmes.
    • The carmaker said profits were given a boost because of ongoing cost-cutting in the company.
    • Sharp cost-cutting in the first quarter as well as a better product mix also helped.
    • Thus, the pain of cost-cutting is not hitting workers as hard as in past business cycles.
    • A cost-cutting exercise has resulted in two staff contracts not being renewed and a third is under review.
    • There may be more to come - management has not ruled out further cost-cutting.
    • That is because, thanks to aggressive cost-cutting, corporate earnings are climbing back up.
    • It does seem that in such cost-cutting exercises that the public are not considered, and are always the losers.
    • It is believed that dramatic cost-cutting measures will be necessary if plant closures are to be avoided.
    • The only surprise generated by last week's announcement of cost-cutting is that it had taken so long.
    • The company prompted controversy by offering employees unpaid leave as a way of cost-cutting.
    • The companies are direct beneficiaries of the trend to outsourcing by cost-cutting multinationals.
    • There is procurement cost-cutting taking place and production efficiencies are being tackled.
    • She admitted that cost-cutting was an ongoing part of the business.
    • The cost-cutting measures include reducing administration costs and cutting drug budgets.