Translation of cost of living in Spanish:

cost of living


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    the cost of living el costo de (la) vida
    • cost of living allowance subsidio por aumento del costo de la vida
    • cost of living index índice del costo de la vida
    • The main reason for this is inflation, basically the broad measure of the rising price of the cost of living.
    • All we are asking for is a decent wage to cover the cost of living as council tax keeps rising.
    • They demanded reasons from the Cabinet for the increases in prices and the cost of living in general.
    • He cites the rising cost of living in the capital as one of the major factors behind the executive exodus.
    • I earn above minimum wage, but it makes no difference, as the cost of living in this country is simply beyond my means.
    • The poverty line does not even account for regional variations in the cost of living!
    • It finally took foreign visitors to make waves about the spiralling cost of living here.
    • What will this do to the cost of goods and thereby again to the cost of living?
    • He said the upcoming Budget should not see too much added to the cost of living as the public purse looks healthy.
    • Urban food prices are rising faster than the cost of living and wages.
    • To help achieve these ends, farmers should receive support related to the cost of living or average earnings.
    • Property prices and the cost of living are low but the journey time is a a disadvantage, direct flights taking about four hours.
    • When you consider the price of things now and the rising cost of living, anything less is just unrealistic.
    • Prices were high, but commensurate with the inflated cost of living on the Pacific coast.
    • In theory, high food prices should have pushed up the cost of living by a substantial amount.
    • They would not be able to survive on those types of wages, given the cost of living.
    • The cost of living would rise and people's standard of living would be eroded.
    • Adding to all those burdens is the high cost of living and the ever-escalating property market.
    • We get increases in line with inflation but inflation and the cost of living never seem to be the same.
    • In addition, the mayor's budget assumes that city workers' wages will not keep up with the rising costs of living.