Traducción de cost price en español:

cost price

precio de costo, n.


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    precio de costo masculino
    precio de coste masculino España
    to buy/sell sth at cost price comprar/vender algo a precio de costo
    • More obviously, of course, simple disagreement over margins can occur when retailers consider the cost price to be too high.
    • They will have access to information like average weekly sales and order history as well as more detailed sales history, cost price and recommended retail price.
    • Wine industry sources claimed that there are even larger mark-ups on house wines imported from abroad, on which some restaurants are suspected of charging up to seven times the cost price.
    • The taxable benefit to the employee is ascertained with reference to the cost price of the vehicle.
    • Genuine dumping (selling goods below cost price in a foreign market) is difficult to prove but, like export subsidies, it may distort trade and inflict damage on the recipient country's producers.
    • The apartments will be sold to medium to lower income purchasers at cost price, and will be built on a prominent corner site in the city.
    • Alternatively, internal transfers of coal could be made at cost price or at market price.
    • They sell them at prices that are more than 10 times the cost price.
    • Because of the considerable impact of distribution costs on the aggregate cost price, it seems important that competition between dealers should also be stimulated.
    • Any stock that could have been returned has been returned and efforts are still being made to sell stock at or even below the cost price.
    • Essentially, the order prevents retailers undercutting competitors by selling products below cost price.
    • A batch of cookies or brownies only costs a few dollars to make but you can probably sell them for 3 or 4 times the cost price.
    • At the auction, where he regularly trades as part his business, out of date equipment is sold at a fraction of the cost price.
    • When it establishes itself in a new town, it often sells staple foods below their cost price.
    • Irish motorists have called for the removal of the tax, which can add up to 30% to the cost price of a vehicle.
    • It was found that most councils neglected to keep complete registers on the cost price and descriptions of individual assets.
    • In order to create the conditions for private capital, the Commission says consumers must pay the full cost price of water.
    • The indirect subsidy covers the difference between a product's cost price and its selling price to consumers.
    • Owing to ‘gross human error’ this price was offered at £82 less than cost price, the company explained to customers in an email.
    • Selling product below cost price in order to gain market advantage is illegal.