Traducción de cot death en español:

cot death

muerte de cuna, n.


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    muerte de cuna femenino
    muerte súbita (infantil) femenino
    • A thorough investigation into the cause of death is carried out after a cot death.
    • Now re-housed, the couple said the cot death of their baby had changed their lives, but had also brought them closer together.
    • There it is estimated that the chances of a randomly chosen baby dying a cot death are 1 in 1,303.
    • This programme provides support for families with children born after a cot death.
    • Infants sleeping face down were more likely to suffer a cot death.
    • In the meanwhile we had one case which we had thought was a cot death.
    • He is expected vigorously to contest the case, which centres upon claims he should have known there is a substantially increased risk of a second cot death after a first.
    • In various different ways he says that previous admissions to hospital are relevant to the consideration as to whether it is a cot death or a deliberate killing.
    • They may also have experienced a cot death in the family.
    • She had subsequently told her grandmother what she had seen, but was not believed because it was thought to be a cot death.
    • There was a suicide, a cot death, a man who had died of stomach cancer and a couple of heart attack victims.
    • She could find no natural explanation and would not have signed this as a cot death.
    • A family who lost a 13-week-old baby to cot death made an urgent appeal today for cash to pay for new research into the condition.
    • It doubles the chances of a baby suffering cot death.
    • She lost her baby to cot death, but because of this, the lives of thousands of other babies have been saved by her relentless campaigning.
    • A mum who lost her four-week-old baby to cot death is organising a fundraising event on what would have been his first birthday.
    • The money raised went some way to reducing the number of babies who die from cot death.
    • Conversely, some years ago I was deeply moved by the testimony of a friend whose only child suffered a cot death.
    • The appeal judges accepted that statistics relating to cot death had been handled inappropriately.
    • After retirement he continued his studies into cot death and was sought after for expert legal advice.