Traducción de cottage industry en español:

cottage industry

industria artesanal, n.


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    industria artesanal femenino
    • Medicine, which was largely a cottage industry until the Second World War, has been transformed by several factors.
    • The considerable increase in business has created a cottage industry in the professions.
    • Despite stiff competition, there is a big demand for cheap varieties of detergent powder, which can be manufactured as a cottage industry.
    • The amount of fees that many colleges are demanding will be enough to set up a cottage industry or tiny business enterprise.
    • As managing director, he has guided the company from a small cottage industry to a multimillion-euro success.
    • She makes it clear that she never saw her frozen baby-food company as a cottage industry.
    • Born of people's misfortunes, credit counseling was a sleepy cottage industry for a long time.
    • Masks and wood sculptures have developed into an important cottage industry for the men of one community.
    • The private investment market is like a cottage industry, with a large number of small players.
    • You know, if you think about the situation they were in a generation ago, football was really a cottage industry.
    • Second, human-rights watchdogs and lawyers are a veritable cottage industry these days.
    • Before the Industrial Revolution England's economy was based on its cottage industry.
    • This would be a great cottage industry for some of our under-developed neighbouring countries.
    • As a result, whale-watching has become an island cottage industry.
    • In spite of this, a cottage industry has developed in recent years around educational programming for very young children.
    • A cottage industry has grown up among professional military historians and history buffs sponsoring these tours.
    • Debunking him has become a cottage industry.
    • We need to stop acting like a cottage industry and respect that clients entrust us with significant amounts of money to get them results.
    • He's learned to combine the high-tech with the unapologetically low-tech in his cottage industry.
    • It's clear that this is no longer a cottage industry.