Translation of cotton in Spanish:


algodón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑtn/ /ˈkɒt(ə)n/

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    • 1.1(cloth)

      algodón masculine
      (shirt/dress/sheet) (before noun) de algodón
      is it cotton? ¿es de algodón?
      • cotton print estampado de algodón
      • Handwoven cotton cloth is sewn into wraps for women and tunics for men, as well as into blankets.
      • Today, dedicated to report-writing, I was wearing a cotton blouse and linen skirt.
      • Warm up the stock over a gentle heat, so it liquifies completely, then strain it carefully through muslin or a cotton cloth.
      • Billions of tiny whiskers create a thin cushion of air above the cotton fabric, smoothing out wrinkles and allowing liquids to bead up and roll off without a trace.
      • If stripes aren't your style, experiment with other casual fabrics, such as cotton duck, denim, and corduroy.
      • By the 1990s, cotton denim and other fabrics had become popular for everyday wear.
      • Fabric with a high cotton content will shrink - even if it says it is pre-shrunk.
      • These hand-woven cotton blankets were also worn regularly.
      • Showrooms for the hand-woven cotton saris exist in old buildings, and prices are reasonable.
      • They were fine clothes, silk slips in peaches and pinks, cotton blouses and linen suits.
      • Consider earth tones of all kinds, and different kinds of fabrics like cotton flannel, faux leather, warm chenille, and luxurious velvet.
      • The government therefore imposed restrictions on the import, and even wearing, of cotton cloth to protect the woollen textile industry.
      • Everyday chemises were made of white, hand-woven cottons.
      • References in ancient history indicate that an amazing variety of costumes made of silk and cotton fabrics were used in India.
      • She always wore flowery, full-length skirts with a cotton blouse.
      • To make the final selection, we are washing wool and cotton textiles in a normal conservation process, rinsing them and then subjecting the samples to light and heat to replicate the effects of ageing.
      • Natural fibers such as cotton shouldn't develop static or stay hard.
      • Both fabrics wick perspiration away from your skin while natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to get damp and clammy with sweat.
      • Natural fibers like cotton and some wool can stand up to the scrutiny of a cheaper price tag.
      • And short flax fibers can be blended with cotton or other fibers to make medical products such as bandages.

    • 1.2British (thread)

      hilo (de coser) masculine
      • Toy cotton reels or buttons can be sorted by colour or threaded on to laces, while plastic pegs can be used for pattern-making and counting.
      • The coils sit on cotton reel spools that are placed on the plastic ribs that make up the ovoid shape.
      • If there's more than one tray, place four cotton reels strategically so that you can stack one tray on top of another.
      • The new sign also reflects the industrial history of the area, showing mills, looms and cotton reels.
      • The answer to the problem of protecting plants while not trapping the wings of sparrows on strands of cotton is quite simple.
      • Pick a loose strand of cotton off the back of someone's jacket or trouser leg or something.
      • The photographer scattered cotton reels on our billowing skirts and we pretended to weave some kilts for our wild Scottish blokes out there in the hills.
      • He could see Mac's estate car ahead, slowing to negotiate its way between the skips full of crew's refuse, discarded palettes and giant empty cotton reels.
      • Not only is it good for dental hygiene but it can also be used as a clothes line, cotton for darning clothes or string for tying things up.
      • They do not shoot out of the spaces between the vertebrae (the tower of cotton reels that makes up your spine) and produce pain that way.
      • In a small tin in the bottom of the pillowcase she finds needles and cotton and between sips of her tea and another pipe, she darns the holes in the hessian bag with those same deliberate tiny stitches.
      • Fear not, you won't be needing a needle and cotton.

    • 1.3absorbent cottonUS

      algodón masculine
      algodón hidrófilo masculine
      algodón en rama masculine

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    • 2.1(plant)

      algodón masculine
      field of cotton algodonal
      • The cotton plant is very sensitive to low available soil K.
      • Although the cotton plant can tolerate leaf damage and tip boring up to 50 per cent before yield is reduced, it is more susceptible to pest damage than most crops especially in the rainy season.
      • A period of 6 weeks is required for a cotton plant to complete opening of all bolls.
      • Either the genes for making silk could be genetically engineered into microorganisms or something similar could be done with cotton plant genes.
      • The protein, made by a gene transferred to the cotton plant by gene-splicing techniques, is toxic to certain insects but not to humans or other mammals.
      • For example, a cotton plant could be protected from certain pests by being engineered to carry a particular gene that kills the pests.
      • The £240,000 sculptures each depict a different stage in the life of a blooming cotton plant.
      • One day, during a lunch break, I found a semblance of shadow under the branches of a cotton plant, lay down and opened a notepad.
      • Thinking back, the impression I have is of a cotton plant painted silver.
      • Each sculpture represents a different stage in the development of the cotton plant.
      • Four main crops are soya, maize, cotton and oilseed rape.
      • Thanks to plant breeding and irrigation, commercially grown cotton produces very high yields.
      • Those in the tropical forests also grew cotton and plants used for medicinal purposes.
      • They have grown everything from sunflowers, poppies and hollyhocks to corn, cotton, potatoes, coconuts and dandelions.
      • Finally enterprising farmers who produced a surplus could sell their excess for coin, invest in more land, and grow cash crops like cotton and tobacco.
      • On the other hand, he explained that the current hunger in his area was due to people concentrating on growing cash crops such as cotton instead of maize.
      • Southwest Georgia is best known for its pine trees, cotton fields and peanuts.
      • Rarely did Sadie find herself bent over rows and rows of white cotton, batting away flies and wiping the sweat from her brow.
      • Fiber is removed from cotton at the gin stands, then foreign matter and other contaminants are removed by the lint cleaners.
      • Sassenrath says her ultimate goal is to determine fiber quality on-board the picker and have the cotton classed right there in the field.

    • 2.2(fiber)

      algodón masculine
      cotton mill fábrica de tejidos
      • Once they conceive a quilt, the fabrics are chosen, cut up and combined using organic cotton wadding.
      • Fluid may be cleaned from the connection sites with cotton swabs, if needed.
      • Cotton swab palpation of areas outside the vulvar vestibule result in minimal pain.