Traducción de cotton batting en español:

cotton batting

algodón, n.

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    algodón masculino
    algodón hidrófilo masculino
    algodón en rama masculino
    • Shrink cotton batting before use by soaking it in the washing machine filled with warm water.
    • Beds and chairs on sleeping porches are made from sustainable teak and organic cotton batting and fabric.
    • Traps were baited each evening 1-2 hours before dark with apple slices and peanut butter, insulated with cotton batting, and encased in cardboard and plastic to protect trapped animals from exposure to weather.
    • The sculptures and installations involved fabric, Styrofoam, cotton batting, glitter and cardboard - the sorts of materials available at craft shops.
    • I thought about using cotton batting for the snow, but I decided it would present too many manipulation problems for kindergartners.
    • It was shot through cotton batting that strongly suggests snow.
    • Choose brushed denim or other durable fabric with several layers of another cotton fabric and cotton batting for padding.
    • The back mounting board was wrapped with the same fabric, although I added cotton batting underneath.
    • Pieces of cotton batting were placed in all traps to keep animals from freezing.
    • Sixteen years old, he wears a nylon jacket with round cigarette burns in the shell, dirty cotton batting seeping out.