Traducción de cough drop en español:

cough drop

pastilla para la tos, n.


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    pastilla para la tos femenino
    • What we thought was going to be a costume change turned out to be a nip off stage to get a cough sweet.
    • You seemed like you needed a cough drop at first or something.
    • But don't give hard candy, cough drops or throat lozenges to children under 4.
    • Also, take cough drops, throat lozenges or hard candy, which will make you salivate, keeping your throat wet and suppressing coughing.
    • Avoid lemon candy or cough drops, which are highly acidic, as well as caffeine and alcohol (including in mouthwashes), which can dry out the mouth.
    • In cough drops and lozenges, gum arabic soothes irritated mucous membranes.
    • I sometimes sucked on cough drops to escape moments of boredom.
    • He treated the throat by alternating between sucking on cough drops and chain smoking.
    • But if you have asthma, the season poses a more serious threat than tissues and cough drops can handle.
    • Assorted medicine bottles, packs of gauze and rolls of antacids and cough drops were scattered on dirty metal shelves and the tops of unopened boxes.
    • Camphor is a frequent component of medicinal remedies such as cough drops.
    • Heavy users of garlic, cough sweets or chewing gum will similarly find their tasting faculties impaired.
    • I had demanded cough drops and cold tablets, but Adam had refused to stop by the pharmacy since it was ‘out of his way’.
    • Overtly medicinal ingredients, such as horehound, wintergreen, and liquorice, turned the confections into cough drops.
    • He reached into the depths of his baggy pants and produced two packets of cough sweets.
    • Janet was able to find his letters from the Mediterranean that alluded to his illness, as he asked for cough sweets to be sent to him.
    • Kiosks dispensing complimentary cough drops have been added recently to the lobbies.
    • She reached her hand into her purse and rummaged through the random movie stubs, cough drops, and lip-gloss, until her fingers closed around a glass bottle.
    • The bathroom where I work smells like cough drops.
    • Jeremy didn't even use cough drops for his colds.