Traducción de cough mixture en español:

cough mixture

jarabe para la tos, n.


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    jarabe para la tos masculino
    • Some of the potentially addictive substances contained in medicines such as cough mixture and painkillers include codeine, amphetamines, and opium-derived substances.
    • I imagine her lozenges and the recovering man's cough mixture contained enough mild sedatives to hook them.
    • Check with the pharmacist before taking a cough mixture containing a decongestant.
    • It comes in the form of a green liquid, like cough mixture, poured into a plastic cup.
    • The green liquid, which looks like cough mixture, produces feelings of sedation, without the euphoric rush associated with heroin.
    • I've raided mum's cabinet and found some cough mixture.
    • Are we going to have to go to judicial review to see whether we can get cough mixture?
    • He had brought some Army-issue cough mixture which might help me to sleep.
    • The worst was a strawberry beer that was very similar to cough mixture.
    • Annie cast about the room, looking for some cough mixture.
    • The contents of the cans in question are believed to be diluted cough mixture which may or may not be confirmed by forensic analysis.
    • Everything from cough mixture to nail varnish is already metricated in the city's pharmacies.
    • As a result, prison hospitals have enough cough mixture in their storerooms for five years.
    • My advice would be that coughs and colds are a normal part of winter, and the best treatment is paracetamol and perhaps a cough mixture.
    • She told officials she had taken a cough mixture.
    • The player however admits to having taken a cough mixture and indomethicine before the game which was allegedly prescribed by a doctor after he complained of not feeling well.
    • ‘If a player tests positive on Saturday, he may have taken a cough mixture four weeks ago prior to me talking to them,’ he added.
    • After x-rays and a lot of fuss, I was sent back to the hostel with some tablets and a cough mixture.
    • The doctors told him that if he continued taking the cough mixture, he would die.
    • The odour compound employed is eucalyptol, widely used in medicines such as cough mixtures.