Traducción de couldn't en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈkʊdnt/ /ˈkʊd(ə)nt/

  • 1

    • We couldn't have done it without the help of the local council and town centre manager.
    • She couldn't believe it when she was told how long she would have to wait, she says.
    • One resident who couldn't take it any longer has gone to stay with family in Scotland.
    • During the summer we couldn't even open our windows because the smell was so strong.
    • It got worse and she couldn't breathe so the doctor was sent for and an ambulance was called.
    • I was walking along a path and the hole is on the top of a hill so I couldn't see it.
    • It was baked so hard it couldn't absorb the huge quantities of water that fell so quickly.
    • It happened because a driver couldn't see a signal because it was obscured by a bridge.
    • While we waited to go on the pitch, I tried to look them in the eye, but I couldn't do it.
    • We couldn't hold on to the ball, and the number of basic errors we made was astonishing.
    • He was so certain of his charms that he couldn't begin to imagine what it might be like not to have them.
    • She got out of the car to swap details with the other driver but couldn't restrain her tears.
    • In fairness to him, he had no other option and he couldn't have done it much better.
    • So if you couldn't get tickets to the paid events, you can still soak up the atmosphere.
    • My husband was impressed by the way that the viewer couldn't tell who was going to live and die.
    • They said they would be getting more supplies but they couldn't be sure when or how much.
    • The animals seemed to put up with this affection and the girls couldn't get enough of it.
    • The drummer of the band which had been hired couldn't make it and a substitute had to be found.
    • There were no signs in the street which told me that I couldn't park and unload my car.
    • Legend has it that the bosses couldn't decide which one of us should be given the show.