Traducción de council estate en español:

council estate

viviendas económicas, n.


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    complejo urbanístico de viviendas de alquiler subvencionadas por el ayuntamiento
    (en Río de la Plata) viviendas económicas femenino
    (en España) viviendas de protección oficial femenino
    • I was transfixed by the thought of the young vandals from the neighbouring council estate breaking in at night.
    • The canal gentrifies all that it touches, even the harshest council estate, but you sense that local architects haven't repaid the compliment.
    • People on a former council estate are taking over responsibility for their area after signing a landmark agreement.
    • His father was comfortable rather than wealthy, proud of owning his own house on the border of a council estate.
    • I come from a simple background on a council estate in Birmingham and went to a comprehensive school.
    • One is a housewife on a council estate in Ayrshire while the other lives in a leafy suburb in the English midlands.
    • What people don't know is it was a 1970s council estate.
    • The clouds break as I step onto a nearby council estate.
    • Brought up in a council estate by parents who couldn't afford to pay for lessons, he worked on a local farm in return for the chance to ride their ponies.
    • ‘It's quite a step for a boy who grew up on a council estate in Seacroft,’ he said.
    • He said the experience was ‘incredible and far removed from my days growing up on a council estate in Salford’.
    • He's from a Liverpool council estate, like lots of footballers.
    • These things never seemed to happen on our council estate.
    • He grew up on a council estate where his mother would tell him stories of family connections with hunting stretching back generations.
    • Later they moved a mile away to the Eastmoor council estate.
    • Having grown up on a council estate, he is seen by many as the ideal candidate, with a broad appeal.
    • Are they a reminder of the council estate where I grew up, where many families owned such decorative statuettes?
    • Growing up in a council estate in Dundee, his first passion was music.
    • My favourite was the council estate that was refurbished from top to bottom - and then demolished.
    • I wasn't the only one on my council estate with talent, but I had the chance to do something positive.