Traducción de council house en español:

council house

piso de protección oficial, n.


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    apartamento o casa de alquiler subvencionados por el ayuntamiento
    piso de protección oficial masculino
    (en España) casa de protección oficial femenino
    • They want to rent a council house so that they have their own place.
    • Rather than lose the council house, tenants would be offered money to go and buy a house.
    • Tenants who get behind with their council house rent will be shunted to the back of the queue for housing improvements under a new scheme.
    • It used to be the case that people either got a council house, rented from a private landlord or got a mortgage to buy their home.
    • They saw a man come out of the garden of an unoccupied council house and walk towards his red hatchback car, which had the engine running.
    • The rent paid by council house tenants goes into the housing revenue account.
    • After his father's death, he and his mother moved to a council house in Mosspark.
    • They have written to the Clifton council house tenant and told her that taking her vehicle across the verge into her garden was against the law.
    • He says the experience has split up his family because there is no room in his new council house to accommodate his son's wish to move back to home.
    • Their mother lives in a council house marooned among gentrifying neighbours.
    • She is battling to stay in the council house which has been her home for 20 years.
    • And we've got a council house whereas other drivers have mortgages or private rents.
    • In fact, he was brought up in a council house in London.
    • It's nothing like you'd expect a council house to be, though.
    • I have a council house and a part-time job and not much money.
    • The jury heard that the couple had applied to buy their council house in Bowes Avenue and had a joint bank account that received regular payments.
    • I took a mortgage out not long ago to buy my council house.
    • The couple moved into a terrace council house in the town and Hobson adopted her two children and they later had a daughter together.
    • Her council house was stripped, the walls scanned and the patio dug up.
    • At the time he lived in a former council house in Woodlands Rise, Haworth.