Translation of council tax in Spanish:

council tax

contribución urbana, n.


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    contribución urbana feminine
    (basada en el valor de la propiedad y el número de personas que viven en ella) contribución municipal feminine
    • Do you think the current method using property values to calculate council tax is fair?
    • At the same time, the party is also proposing to replace council tax with a local income tax.
    • Subject to a few defined exceptions, council tax is a local tax levied on every dwelling.
    • All we are asking for is a decent wage to cover the cost of living as council tax keeps rising.
    • Anybody who thinks this is good value for our council tax must be from another planet.
    • If you can afford to have a second home then you can afford to pay the full council tax on the property.
    • The fact that he is not liable to pay council tax on that other property is irrelevant.
    • My pension contribution was exactly the same as my tax and council tax is today.
    • You would both be jointly liable for council tax during any period you both lived in the house.
    • If you are on a low income you may be able to claim a rebate on your rent and council tax.
    • They would get rid of council tax altogether and replace it with a local income tax.
    • The union has asked for the increase to counter the rise in council tax and house prices in the city.
    • An idea has been put forward for council tax to be directly linked to how much people earn.
    • Claiming income support also made her eligible for council tax and housing benefit.
    • The party wants to scrap council tax and replace it with a progressive system of local income tax.
    • Also enshrined in the plan was the proposal to replace the council tax with a local income tax.
    • Many of them will face the terrible prospect of not having the extra money to pay their council tax.
    • For years the parish council rejected the idea of increasing council tax by a local precept.
    • The council has been exploring all areas to keep its council tax down and be more efficient.
    • I contacted the borough council and was told no council tax was due for this period.

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    • En Gran Bretaña, impuesto que los habitantes de un inmueble deben pagar al council o municipalidad local. La cantidad que debe pagarse se calcula tomando como base el valor estimado de la vivienda, y el número de personas que viven en ella.