Translation of councilwoman in Spanish:


concejala, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊnsəlˌwʊmən/ /ˈkaʊns(ə)lˌwʊmən/

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nounplural councilwomen

  • 1

    concejala feminine
    • The bid would displace 1,000 families, a city councilwoman claims.
    • She faces a tough battle against the city councilwoman, who is being forced out of her current job by term limits.
    • We'll be talking with a councilwoman who voted against that new power for the police.
    • She has also served as municipal council woman and completed three terms as a congresswoman.
    • He says the councilwoman is willing to leave the decision on mounted horses up to Johnson.
    • One New York City councilwoman is upset enough to introduce a bill that would make theaters print the actual start times of the movies without the ads.
    • The campaign launched this fall would put zoning decisions in two councilwomen's districts on the ballot.
    • Both developers are unhappy with decisions the councilwomen made in the recent zoning process.
    • They have had over a dozen years each as councilmen and councilwomen to help Los Angeles and they have failed.
    • In 2005, when three councilwomen failed to attend an often-delayed vote on the budget, he ordered city police to fetch them.