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reconvención, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌkleɪm/ /ˈkaʊntəkleɪm/

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    reconvención femenino
    contrademanda femenino
    • And as with any hot scandal, it is fast developing into a whole new blame game altogether with claims and counterclaims flying all over the place - and that's just in the blogosphere.
    • There have been claims and counterclaims throughout the week about what's happening inside that refugee camp, or indeed what happened in the previous days.
    • It's been 14 months of headlines, charges, claims and counterclaims and lots of hearings.
    • Many claims and counterclaims were advertised about who the real market leader was and who was the benefactor of the readers and protected the consumer's wallet.
    • There are claims and counterclaims over whether the railings were in need of repair before the trip or if they were damaged in a collision earlier in the evening.
    • And public cynicism is also likely to increase as the claims and counterclaims become increasingly frantic as polling day approaches.
    • Claims and counterclaims are being made about who is right and who is wrong in the development of this fishery.
    • What I will be doing is focusing on some recent developments in the debates produced by these familiar claims and counterclaims.
    • This is not the place to lay out claims and counterclaims about how life originated on Earth; we plan to do that, soon enough.
    • With mounds of defamatory material, of claims and counterclaims, will anyone pay attention?
    • The connection between the two led to a series of claims and counterclaims that seriously damaged Number 10.
    • NASA also recently published this web site with point-by-point counterclaims to Apollo hoax allegations.
    • Claim and counterclaim continue about the salary arrangements.
    • There are a hundred more pieces of the jigsaw to fit into place: retrospective claim and counterclaim about planned and spontaneous action.
    • For every claim there is, somewhere, a counterclaim.
    • But they did not talk about any deaths, even though there were counterclaims by the ruling party that six of their supporters were killed in the confrontation.
    • One day the media seems filled with reports of new findings and declarations, yet the next day there appears just as many counterclaims.
    • It is understood that there are counterclaims that the player was goading supporters.
    • That explains the controversies and counterclaims about who is borrowing what from whom.
    • But there have been counterclaims that Mr Hughes has overreacted and has aggravated villagers.