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contraespionaje, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkaʊn(t)ərˈɛspiəˌnɑʒ/ /ˌkaʊn(t)ərˈɛspiəˌnɑdʒ/

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    contraespionaje masculino
    • The documents concerning these efforts to transfer the SIS's duties out of the FBI reflect Hoover's trepidation toward building a foreign espionage and counter-espionage organization.
    • The jobs are mainly in administration, but exceptional recruits could in certain circumstances take part in surveillance, counter-espionage and counter-terrorist operations.
    • In this role he had responsibility for compiling intelligence dossiers on its enemies; for planning counter-espionage and for establishing and supervising fascist cells operating in the trade union movement.
    • Although he had had no formal training on the job, he was quick to grasp the essential elements of espionage and counter-espionage.
    • But Mr Fergus did agree with a recent Australian Government decision to increase funding for counter-espionage activities.
    • The papers here had a big piece yesterday about counter-espionage, which is apparently going to be done by the FBI.
    • He appears to have been a member of Walsingham's and Burleigh's intelligence and counter-espionage networks.
    • In the old days of counter-espionage and counter-terrorism, the government would gather this intelligence and use it to expel diplomats or take other action in the foreign-policy arena.
    • Kombat includes all main branches like infantry, tanks, artillery and air force plus other like sappers, reconnaissance, counter-espionage and special elements.
    • The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is responsible for internal security, for counter-espionage, for counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.
    • The problem of corporate espionage has become big enough for companies to employ counter-espionage agencies.
    • Its powers were gradually expanded over a range of criminal activity and it also took part in counter-espionage operations during both of the world wars.
    • And Philby, many years later, proved to have been a Russian spy, working at the very heart of the British counter-espionage service!
    • Though some of those who had seen his behaviour alerted the personnel department, it was not thought necessary to move him from his counter-espionage work.
    • The ministry's initial mandate was limited to internal security-the suppression of political dissent, counter-espionage, and sabotage.
    • MI5, Britain's internal security and counter-espionage agency, is to play a greater role in informing the UK public about terror alerts.
    • I had no idea so many women are trained in counter-espionage.
    • MI5 wants to expand its counter-espionage service as well as boost its efforts to combat terrorism.
    • Each individual was assigned a case officer from a specialist section within the counter-espionage branch to monitor every aspect of the agents' handling.