Translation of counterplot in Spanish:


contraconspiración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌplɑt/ /ˈkaʊntəplɒt/


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    contraconspiración feminine
    contracomplot masculine
    • But unlike most of the conspiracies, plots and counterplots in the Lockerbie saga, this one has been solved in days, rather than years.
    • All of these brothers, all of these princes, it just sounds like it would be inevitably a nest of plots and counterplots, ambitions and current.
    • A dark night has fallen over Collinwood, a night that will bring with it both the plots and counterplots of good versus evil, as well as a deepening mystery of other worlds intersecting with our own.
    • Some people, particularly ambitious ones, see plots and counterplots where none exists.
    • Romeo and Juliette, similarly, is a story of emotions out of control, and of plots and counterplots tripping over one another.
    • Guy never allows the labyrinth of plots and counterplots to muddle his story.
    • Plot, counterplot, and civil war between Stilicho, Honorius, the Western senate and the Goths under Alaric did much to ensure in the long term the collapse of Roman rule throughout the West.
    • Since the film rarely stops to take stock of its overcomplicated story (complete with political counterplots and a largely unexplored backstory), things can get a little confusing at times.
    • The carefully controlled plan, the coup d'état they are preparing for, will collapse in a whirlwind of treachery and counterplots, and eventually they will be forced to abandon it.
    • The rest is plot / counterplot, as the rival Sforzas plot to seduce Lucrezia, and political marriages ensue.
    • We get no sense of the Western society in which they live, apart from a ham-fistedly jolly counterplot about Ziad's friend running a pizza restaurant.
    • I had a scheme for collecting that ransom without danger of being caught by counterplots that ought to commend itself to professional kidnappers.