Translation of counterpoint in Spanish:


contrapunto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌpɔɪnt/ /ˈkaʊntəpɔɪnt/

Definition of contrapunto in Spanish


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    contrapunto masculine
    • Melodies and counterpoints are entwined throughout the mix, grounded by the swagger of Fridmann's surprisingly muscular basslines.
    • The contrast was heightened when, from about the 11th century onwards, such soloist passages began to be enhanced, on feast days, by the addition of newly composed polyphonic counterpoints.
    • Anda's inspiration was evident in Gamba's searching accounts, exploring beneath the musical surface and highlighting beautiful inner counterpoints in all three works.
    • His technical skill guarantees admirable clarity in the midst of complex counterpoints, and there is a delightful sense of well-being about the performances.
    • Later on in the song, we hear more melodies that are baroquesque, as well as the counterpoints introduced by the alternation of guitars and keyboards.
    • Valen's approach was derived from Bach, from whose music he evolved a polyphonic technique of dissonant counterpoint.
    • If she conceives of it as a fugue, she uses techniques of counterpoint and fugal structure to make the piece.
    • The authors of these treatises were not principally music theorists whose prime interest was expounding on the rules of counterpoint, although that may have been included in their duty as teachers.
    • Bernstein studied harmony and counterpoint with Walter Piston at Harvard.
    • We find also a fascination with Baroque counterpoint and modal melodies from Gregorian chant to Appalachian folk tunes.