Translation of countrified in Spanish:


rústico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəntriˌfaɪd/ /ˈkʌntrɪfʌɪd/


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    (area/atmosphere) rústico
    (area/atmosphere) rural
    • My grandfather on my mother's side was that way, albeit in a more countryfied version.
    • When I first came down here, I was shocked by the anger it caused in countrified folk.
    • It was very countrified and low key and I saw an opportunity to push it further.
    • This is a countrified area, the jewel of Salford, and it is grotesque that it should be changed in this way just to make money.
    • And but so then the solo hits and you'd be way hard-pressed to call it anything besides countrified, wouldn't you?
    • Along these tributaries, in the remote regions, people of a more countrified appearance occupied passing vehicles.
    • Much of the rest is rather tepid countrified folk-rock.
    • The luxuriant moustache is old-fashioned and countrified.
    • He thought the area was countrified and he was surprised to find such a nice restaurant.
    • At first listen, it is a set of simple, direct, delicious and honest countrified songs, hurting music about love gone wrong.
    • They all share the kitchen, which is rather countrified, with perky café curtains and a view of a neighbouring wall.
    • Although his natural habitat is urban or suburban, he likes to seem countrified.
    • It's taken some effort to make my speech less countrified since leaving the Little Town.
    • The obvious thing may seem to make it as countrified as possible.
    • I was awkward and countrified, but the ladies took me in and tamed me as best they could.
    • A countrified 63, she is the epitome of the Aga babe, all rosy cheeks and unkempt locks and warmth.
    • I soon found out that such simple countrified musical tastes were laughed at here.
    • To be fair, that's not the only brief glimpse of promise here, but none ever stand out enough to save this album from its affected ruralism and tired, countryfied stylings.
    • They're not farms, they're not countrified in the national stereotype that we've got about the bush.
    • ‘It's very… countrified,’ was all Erin could think of to say.