Translation of country cousin in Spanish:

country cousin

pueblerino, n.

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    pueblerino masculine derogatory
    pueblerina feminine derogatory
    • To begin with, they are adepts of conspiracy theory, obsessed with information, disinformation, propaganda and its country cousin, mind control.
    • Call me a country cousin if you want, but even Toronto, with all its manufacturing, still owes much of its wealth to the natural resources that lie outside its boundaries.
    • Its story, such as it is, revolves round two gloomy middle-aged men - an affluent photographer living in Istanbul and his jobless country cousin.
    • A city mouse who had visited his country cousin liked it so much that he sold his city pad and bought himself a rural mousehole instead.
    • Their typical buyer is ‘a country cousin from somewhere around here,’ says an experienced vendor.
    • Walter felt like a country cousin coming in to the big city for the first time, his first impression was that cooperation amid synchronized movement.
    • Maybe then it could've tried to reason with its uncivilized country cousin, or even acted as bait so he could get away.
    • Cara seemed fairly indifferent to it all, making Liza feel like the gawping country cousin.
    • On the other hand, a young country cousin, Phoebe, arrives to lighten the gloom of the old house.
    • Musical theatre was its formulaic, reductive country cousin, a forum for bright happy little tales, preferably tinged with a pleasant nationalistic fervour.
    • At the same time the Nationals cannot appear to be little more than the Liberals' country cousins.
    • A report published in the Journal of Zoology explains that bears living near towns weigh up to 30% more than their country cousins and are up to a third less active.
    • Tensions have increased between the cosmopolitan city dwellers and their recently-arrived country cousins.
    • Yes, it's that time of year again when city slickers meet their country cousins for a day all will remember.
    • With this occasional strand I am sharing this hot gossip - meat and drink to us city dwellers - with you, our country cousins.
    • If only their poor country cousins had an inkling of what was going on!
    • She enjoyed holidays on an uncle's farm or having country cousins to stay in the city.
    • Bees thrive in London: they have a far better choice of flowers than their country cousins.
    • And while Hong Kong people once disdained Chinese visitors as poor country cousins, the touring mainlanders hardly fit the bumpkin stereotype.
    • Everyday low prices no doubt appeal to city dwellers no less than to their country cousins.