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country mile


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    to miss sth by a country mile errar por mucho / por una legua
    • Sure, he hits the ball a country mile, he hits more greens than anyone else, has a short game to kill for, and putts beautifully.
    • ‘Firstly, I want to get a few more wins under my belt and reduce my handicap from five to scratch,’ said the powerful six-footer, who can hit a ball the proverbial country mile.
    • Today's equipment, which includes drivers that can propel ultra-aerodynamic balls a country mile, adds some weight to that assumption.
    • The only thing the range will tell you is that these guys, even the blokes who miss the cut by a country mile, hit the ball so consistently well that the game looks ridiculously simple.
    • Bob plays off nine and hits the ball a country mile, and his gross 75 was an astounding round, giving him 43 points.
    • He hits the ball a country mile, and now that his short game is coming together, he has unlimited potential.
    • I meant it; whatever one thinks of his politics, to deny his sheer brilliance as a tabloid columnist - the best by a country mile - is impossible.
    • In the two decades we have had these debates, I, for one, cannot recall either side ever claiming anything other than that their bloke won by a country mile.
    • We didn't come within a country mile, partly because I couldn't play, and partly because this thing's too singular and unique.
    • It is fair to say that it was my worst performance for Scotland by a country mile.
    • It is a good read, and although I should have seen the final plot twist approaching from a country mile away, it doesn't really diminish the story if you do guess it.
    • Now, almost six years on, he is the best player in the world by a country mile and if he does not win another match, he will still be No.1 until deep into the summer.
    • It was easily the worst book I have ever read, by a country mile.
    • Quite simply, he's the best by a country mile - and nothing will come near him.
    • My fishcake was passable, and not a country mile off being good.
    • It is, by a country mile, the largest such enterprise in the world.
    • I don't want to influence the vote, but that is by a country mile the funniest thing I have ever read.
    • We were leading by a country mile, and then the engine tightened up.
    • Many note that the biggest substance abuse problem in the country by a country mile - the one that leads to most of our problems of violence and abuse - comes from a legal drug, alcohol.
    • He hit five home runs last week, outslugging his more celebrated peers in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Chicago and Houston by a country mile.