Translation of county council in Spanish:

county council


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    corporación de gobierno a nivel de condado (in UK)
    • The town council and the county council need to have a say in the future for this town.
    • Just over half of the required funding has been awarded to the county council by the government.
    • After all, the county council is elected to make tough decisions on behalf of voters.
    • Also I have had detailed correspondence with the chief executive of the county council.
    • He said the scheme was worthwhile and the county council still hoped to work with the parish council.
    • The rest is set by the county council, emergency services and town or parish councils.
    • The town council will now write to the county council asking them to revise the plan.
    • I hope that future consultation exercises from the county council be better executed.
    • The previous county council was dominated by an alliance of the Lib Dems and Conservatives.
    • The county council is closing the premises following new government legislation.
    • Over half the elected councillors are new to the county council and can lead a fresh start.
    • If you fall over in the street then there is probably an insurance policy covering the county council for that to.
    • The issue will be discussed at a meeting of the county council executive tomorrow.
    • As a former leader of a county council I wish to comment on the present debate on council taxes.
    • Also the borough council does some work acting as an agent for the county council.
    • He urged the panel to recommend that a plan be organised with the county council to avoid future problems.
    • He said the scheme would lead to increased bureaucracy and costs to the county council.
    • As a next step the county council will produce an action plan to make sure the policy is put into action.
    • The county council has now introduced a policy which is intended to speed up the process.
    • The county council proposes that vehicles be barred from much of the route.