Translation of county town in Spanish:

county town

capital del condado, n.


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    capital del condado feminine
    • The town became the county seat of San Patricio County in Texas, after independence.
    • The town eventually became the county seat of Missoula County, which encompassed the entire western portion of the territory.
    • The huge commuter belt is making its way down from the capital to the county town.
    • Of course the traffic problem is a national issue, be it a county town, village or city.
    • Villages became towns, a new county seat was declared, and its hotel figured heavily in state and local politics.
    • In 1867 Hiko was the largest community in Lincoln County and was the county seat until 1871, when it was moved to the town of Pioche about 60 miles to the northwest.
    • In fact, Wautoma, the county seat of Waushara County, calls itself the Christmas tree capital of America.
    • These are the two-lane highways that link small rural towns in our country with a county seat or a larger city.
    • In the mid-1860s, Madison County, with Virginia City its county seat, reigned as one of the West's most celebrated gold-mining regions.
    • Certified as a city in 1849, it became the county seat of Tazewell County by action of the state legislature.
    • A £110,000 cash injection will transform the streetscape as town leaders bid to clean up the county town's image.
    • Dunnington came top in the small county town section and the best summer display in a small county town.
    • Chelsea is the county seat and a really nifty town with a town commons and some great old buildings.
    • Livingston, the county seat of Overton County, drew its water from two caves on the west side of town.
    • People are being forced to live outside their own community and they are not just moving to live in the nearest village but are moving to housing in the county town or close to their place of work.
    • The development of Chelmsford's commercial and retail areas has rekindled the county town's ambition to become a city.
    • The Hampshire County Record Office is in the county town of Winchester.
    • If the experiment is a success, the technique could be used to market other events in the county town.
    • ‘We really need to get our act together in the county town, and that is exactly what we intend to do,’ a senior party activist told us.