Traducción de coursework en español:


trabajos de curso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔrsˌwərk/ /ˈkɔːswəːk/


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    trabajos de curso masculino
    • For many subjects, a percentage of your final grade comes from coursework, which takes some of the pressure off.
    • They also know that they are more likely to achieve a higher grade by doing coursework than if they are assessed by examination alone.
    • I plan to start work on the script after all my media studies coursework is done.
    • Not surprisingly, most students get more marks in coursework than they do in the exam.
    • The inference seems to be that coursework always benefits the student, that it is a means by which slow students are better able to succeed.
    • Handed in my final piece of coursework today, in a little under 23 hours I'll be completely finished.
    • Yeah, so I had this newfound motivation until I got to my Physics class and we were given our coursework grades.
    • Teachers may also get extra training to help them mark coursework accurately.
    • I went down to the art block and worked on some of my coursework before the final lesson.
    • Our students have to juggle classwork, homework and coursework with necessary revision and redrafting.
    • In fact, not one of the four studies looked at education coursework as an independent variable.
    • She wrote her G.C.S.E creative writing coursework on the bus and got 19 out of 20.
    • Both AS and A Level are assessed through coursework as well as examination.
    • Made up of six units, two units are based on external exams and four on teacher assessed coursework or portfolio evidence.
    • For myself, I've spent the last weeks thinking about coursework and finals.
    • The trio have also managed to juggle their part-time work, home and other commitments with homework and coursework.
    • It seems that many of the projects and coursework that children are doing in school now take much effort on the part of the parents.
    • Staff would then take action short of a strike, which is likely to include a refusal to mark students' exam papers or coursework.
    • I need time and unfortunately with more homework and coursework deadlines looming, I'm getting less and less.
    • Look through any old classwork, homework and coursework you have and spot the errors.