Translation of courtesan in Spanish:


cortesana, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrdəzən/ /ˈkɔrdəzæn/ /ˌkɔːtɪˈzan/ /ˈkɔːtɪzan/

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    cortesana feminine
    • Punning on the meaning of grande as tall or as grand in the social sense, the seventeenth-century commentator noted the reference to the courtesans and prostitutes of Venice.
    • Geishas broke apart from courtesans / prostitutes sometime around the 1500s- 1600s, so the two are somewhat similar.
    • Nobody in Japan would dream of confusing top Gion geisha with high - class courtesans, let alone prostitutes, the myth that continues to prevail about geisha in the West.
    • She is not a realistic prostitute, but a courtesan, a prominent figure in Indian literature.
    • In our society, women are condemned to be either courtesans or whores.