Traducción de cover-up en español:


Pronunciación /ˈkəvərˌəp/ /ˈkʌvərʌp/


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    there has been a cover-up ha habido una maniobra para encubrir el asunto
    • they are looking into the Ecesa cover-up están investigando el encubrimiento de actividades ilícitas en Ecesa
    • For them, the cover-up of serious crimes is a way of life, a feature of their everyday business.
    • Her crime was to attempt a cover-up of something that wasn't a crime.
    • She refused to apologise on behalf of her Department and denied any attempt at a cover-up or bid to suppress the news.
    • These revealed the President's close involvement in the original crime and its subsequent cover-up.
    • Many suing chaplains claim cover-ups of such crimes are commonplace.
    • Maybe he had better try to change the cover-ups to the truth.
    • In fact, the accounts are contradictory and smack of a rather crude attempt at a cover-up.
    • One simple fact shows very clearly the extent to which a genuine cover-up of the truth exists.
    • The director will also ensure police are immediately called to investigate incidents to prevent allegations of cover-ups.
    • Your pitiful attempt at a cover-up afterwards only cost us more trouble.
    • It sounds as though the trust was attempting a cover-up.
    • Inference is drawn that an alleged cover-up automatically implies the truth of the hypothesis.
    • However, they did not realise that the DNA test would also be able to expose their attempts at a cover-up.
    • She soon discovers a cover-up involving contaminated water in a local community.
    • It may be that we are faced with a serious cover-up which goes to the highest levels.
    • And when you do it to discredit someone who is telling the truth it's a cover-up.
    • What must it be like to be a CSO in a company whose senior management is up to their eyeballs in fraud and cover-ups?
    • Trent said: ‘Autocracy leads to corruption, which leads to cover-ups and cover-ups lead to more corruption.’
    • A string of safety problems and attempted cover-ups since then has undermined public faith in nuclear energy.
    • If so, as so often, the attempted cover-up is far more culpable than the initial flaring of temper.