Translation of cover in Spanish:


tapa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəvər/ /ˈkʌvə/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(lid, casing)

      tapa feminine
      cubierta feminine
      • With either system, deep rubber floormats and coated vinyl seat covers are included to protect the interior from muddy riders.
      • The unit is fantastic for shirts, duvet covers and bedspreads and uses only 2.4 feet of space.
      • ‘If we put covers on before it's totally thawed out, the covers basically protect the frost,’ he said.
      • For example, fabric row covers can protect low-growing food crops, such as cabbage or squash.
      • The heating elements are very well protected and the cover is washable.
      • They've been asking a lot of questions about these seat covers.
      • In fact, the only thing that isn't going to work is the duvet cover.
      • The spherical covers not only protect the antenna but also hide which direction it is pointing in.
      • Before displaying the car in public, I washed it, painted over major scratches and put fresh covers on the seats.
      • The casing includes a circular area on the front protected by an acrylic cover.
      • This cover protects the soil from raindrop impact, reducing erosion and crusting of the soil.
      • Even if you have a fitted boat cover, consider adding a tarp over it to protect the cover from bird droppings or other damage.
      • She saw the toilet to his right and, figuring it as good a place as any, walked to it, taking a seat on the lowered cover.
      • Making sure the distance was accurate; he pressed a red button on top of the control stick which was concealed by a flip-up cover.
      • When these guys brandished guns on their album covers you knew they weren't joking.
      • The wind blew the row cover off the seed bed leaving the tender young radishes exposed to the flies.
      • There is a dense cloud cover, and then it rains.
      • Many of them are so tall that they are hidden by dense cloud cover for days at a time.
      • To our right, carpets of flowers reach up to a thick cloud cover.
      • You can customize these buttons by sliding your own labels under the removable clear plastic covers.
      • Never store leather in plastic bags or other nonporous covers or containers.
      • Manhole covers have been sealed, sight-lines checked and staff vetted.
      • Light shone through the holes in the manhole covers.
      • Attempts from the council to board them up and drill holes in the covers to let water flow through have failed.
      • The plants are placed in the pit, the pots are mulched in and the cover sealed down.
      • A third hole made in the cover and plugged with a rubber septum was used for watering.
      • The cover to the hole from the sewers began to twitch, then was lifted and set aside by pale hands.
      • A small recess along the top lip of the can ensures a tight seal with the upper cover.
      • She replaced the cover and stabbed holes in it, even though she knew he was dead.
      • The gas board had forgotten to put the cover back on the hole.
      • Hair from each subject was collected in a plastic container with a cover.
      • The ground floor windows have been sealed with fitted steel covers.
      • Adam took a frozen dinner from the fridge, stabbed a few holes in the filmy cover and threw it in the microwave.
      • Then she carefully fitted the other side of the silver cover and sealed both sides together with her finger.
      • The back cover is designed for one purpose only: to completely conceal the rear of the motherboard.
      • Three years ago, three serious offenders escaped after throwing a loose manhole cover through a fence during exercise.
      • Daniel lifted the manhole cover and placed it on the side.
      • His rescue began when a neighbor heard him whimpering lifted a manhole cover and peered into the storm drain.
      • Try a plastic bag over the storm cover to protect it from rain and sand.
      • When I got home, I discovered the problem - the memory card cover had broken off.
      • Behind the battery cover, your memory cards are protected from pocket fluff.

    • 1.2

      (over tennis court, vehicle) lona feminine
      (for cushion, sofa, typewriter) funda feminine
      (for book, notebook) forro masculine
      bed cover cubrecama
      • Her commercial work includes newspaper and magazine features and book covers.
      • The young man made his way as illustrator for book covers and magazines.
      • Almost all of his work from then on was for magazine covers and book illustrations.
      • He was reading a book with a worn cover and yellow pages and was dressed in a normal shirt, jeans and a lab coat.
      • Since then, her art has been included in children's books, on book covers and in magazines.
      • You cannot always judge a book by the cover, title page, or table of contents.
      • Appearing on magazine covers - that's what she's for.
      • He has appeared on magazine covers, commercials and television shows.
      • He appeared on the cover of Time magazine and was glamorised as a gangster the law couldn't bring down.
      • She wrote several books, appeared in the theater and on magazine covers.
      • I was asked to appear on covers of art magazines I had once worshipped.
      • The inside front cover has an inscription from Qian to my father.
      • She has been gracing covers of magazines everywhere and appearing on numerous talks shows.
      • She will not be indulging in either Botox or a facelift for the cover photo shoot.
      • Your cover story revealed many unknown facts about the most beautiful monument on earth.
      • Cory emailed it over last night for me to read and provide a cover blurb.
      • I'm just trying to get one more back cover blurb to assure bestseller status.
      • The cover features a dark forest at night, the title done in silver.
      • After the pages were dry, I used a three-hole punch to punch holes in the covers.
      • The report, bearing the Pentagon seal on its cover, was posted two weeks ago on a US Department of Defense web site.

    • 1.3covers plural(bedclothes)

      the covers las mantas

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (of book) tapa feminine
      (of book) cubierta feminine
      (of magazine) portada feminine
      (of magazine) carátula feminine Andes
      front cover portada
      • back cover contraportada
      • hard/soft covers tapas duras/blandas
      • cover price precio de venta al público

  • 3

    • 3.1(shelter, protection)

      to take cover guarecerse
      • we took cover from the rain in a barn nos guarecimos de la lluvia en un granero
      • to run for cover correr a guarecerse / a ponerse a cubierto
      • to give sb cover cubrir a algn
      • air cover cobertura aérea

    • 3.2(of vegetation)

      this plant provides good ground cover esta planta cubre rápidamente el terreno

    • 3.3(front, pretense)

      tapadera feminine
      pantalla feminine
      the bar served as a cover for illegal activities el bar servía de tapadera / de pantalla para negocios ilegales
      • At that time, the intelligence services used cover organizations to ask him to write about China.
      • He also helped cover of scams and spy on the respective people of Versanalus.
      • It is difficult to see how such cover can work at all if a fronting company alone is the reinsured.
      • Everything about equality and acceptance was simply a cover for a dark conspiracy.
      • The bombing was probably a cover for a kidnap attempt, but she wasn't there at the time, so they had to try again.
      • They are unacceptable and very often a cover for the criminal underworld.
      • But it seemed like excellent cover for my past crimes, and no one had found me out yet.
      • The British too have been painted as villains, accused of using the trials as cover for a plot to shut down the island.
      • The government said the building was used as cover by militants to attack them.
      • The Clandestine Service needs to continue the efforts it has been making to move away from cover in embassies.
      • Working under embassy cover offered a case officer the worst of both worlds.
      • My immediate task was to participate in the final technical preparations for our three cover options.
      • ISA would operate under a host of cover names to confuse anyone without the need to know.
      • She's just using the feminist thing as a cover - imagine how much she can get away with in the name of feminism.

  • 4

    • 4.1British (insurance)

      cobertura feminine
      the policy provides third-party cover la póliza cubre contra terceros
      • to take out cover against sth asegurarse contra algo
      • We would require some indemnity from them to cover us from liability.
      • But did you know that if you are planning to rent out your property, you need extra insurance cover?
      • Many reception venues will insist that couples have adequate insurance cover before they will hire out their rooms.
      • The better the quality, the better the cover will protect your investment.
      • Some travel cover also excludes cancellations due to terrorism.
      • Their cover permitted travel throughout the country and, it is thought, even into Gibraltar and the Spanish enclaves.
      • Skiers and snowboarders are advised not to buy cover from their travel agent unless they want to end up paying over the odds.
      • Tour operators, travel agents, airlines, banks and health insurers have started to offer travel cover.
      • The same applies to free travel cover provided by bank package accounts and credit cards.
      • However, if you are relying on a home insurance policy, check with your insurer that cover extends to travel overseas.
      • And the alternative, travelling without medical cover, is a dangerous gamble for the sick.
      • The health board does provide a grant for families having a home birth while private health cover does meet the balance.
      • Two primary care trusts announced there would be an overhaul in arrangements for cover at community hospitals.
      • Eventually, with the help of the British Epileptic Association, they were able to arrange cover.
      • Although price is important, it is essential to get the correct type of cover, so make sure you compare like with like.
      • In Ireland, where one can opt for private cover, there is an equally successful method of guaranteeing good treatment for the poor.
      • Despite all these many billions spent on health and 5 years of private cover, I've picked up a bit of sniffle.
      • Yet he was concerned that, without the legal cover from Goldsmith, military personnel could be prosecuted for war crimes.
      • The purpose of life cover is to provide support for your dependants.
      • We supported lifetime health cover when it went through the parliament.
      • There may be no negligence in the driving of the motor vehicle but there still be cover provided by the policy.

    • 4.2(in banking)

      garantía feminine

  • 5

    (reserve duty)
    volunteers provide cover for the firemen un cuerpo de voluntarios suple a los bomberos cuando es necesario
  • 6also cover charge

    (in restaurant) cubierto masculine
    (in nightclub) consumición mínima feminine US
  • 7also cover version

    (of a song)
    versión feminine
    • A tired old boy band singing a cover version of a song that was rubbish anyway?
    • Good, bad or just plain wrong, If I see a cover version of a song I know, I have to have it.
    • Is it, therefore, a coincidence that their biggest hit so far is essentially a cover version; albeit a cheeky one?
    • Another cover version drew a more mixed response from both these listeners, however.
    • Do you have a favorite cover version of one of your songs?
    • Sometimes the cover version is done by an artist as a loving homage to a performer they admire.
    • Currently on repeat play, however, is a very bizarre cover version of the aforementioned song.
    • Disappointing cover version aside this is quite an accomplished album that won't disappoint.
    • And no, I don't like the cover version of It's My Life.
    • Some big star should snap it up for a cover version.
    • Or maybe it's just a cheesy cover version and I'm getting sentimental as our departure looms.
    • One of my favourite internet tunes from last year now has a cover version.
    • And when we would do funk covers people said we sounded like Jamiroquai, which I could sort of see.
    • It is a compilation of Beatles cover songs by artists that are relatively unknown.
    • What was kind of fun to watch was when they did cover songs from the parent's of their fans generation.
    • Yes, I always like to do cover songs when my band acts on stage.
    • Do you have a favorite cover version of one of your songs?
    • The songs are a fine collection of self composed numbers and splendid cover versions.
    • Another cover version drew a more mixed response from both these listeners, however.
    • I remember the Sixties covers bands that were fixtures at clubs across the North West.
    • The song is a cover of the 1980's teen dirge.

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(overlay)

      to be covered in sth estar cubierto de algo

      • she was covered in paint
      • everything was covered in / with dust
      ivy covers the walls la hiedra cubre las paredes
      • they covered the walls with slogans llenaron / cubrieron las paredes de pintadas
      • This way they earn enough money to cover most of the cost of both steers.
      • When wages barely cover living costs, the working classes cannot fund the whims and fancies of politicians forever.
      • Hopefully, with two and a half days work last week I made enough money to cover my costs.
      • It would not arise at all if the sum borrowed covered those costs.
      • Don't spend on head count and overhead and hope you can make enough money to cover your costs.
      • Within a few hours they had raised enough money between them to cover the £100 cost of its contents.
      • Those expenditures will cover the cost of new processes and equipment in the upgrading area.
      • However, the fee barely covers the real cost of tuition.
      • While the sinking fund may not cover the full cost of such an operation, it can take the sting out of its tail.
      • The handling fee barely covers the cost of packing materials and the insane cost of the credit card transaction.
      • This fee helps cover the cost of media and the time involved in identifying the causal agent.
      • The money will cover the implementation cost of bulk and link services until June 2005.
      • The department believes that the fees cover the true costs of administration.
      • Residential taxes don't cover the city's costs of servicing communities.
      • The money will cover the costs of planting, maintaining and protecting the new trees.
      • The entrance fee barely covered costs but the club earned handsomely from drink sales.
      • The festival fees help cover the cost of a truck and gasoline, and volunteers drive around to collect the refuse.
      • The federal contribution covers the remaining infrastructure costs, which total $40.2 million.
      • The additional fees help cover the cost of the work station, but also should increase the income of the teacher.
      • Despite this huge increase in funding, there is still not enough money to cover everyone seeking help.
      • I enquired if it covered Room Service, ready to dole out the extra.
      • The allowance covers workers who provide services to Olympic venues or Olympic live sites.

    • 1.2

      (hole/saucepan) tapar
      • The front windows were covered with a series of green shutters to keep the afternoon sun from pouring into them.
      • The rest of his crop is covered with conventional white canopy to protect it from the fierce westerlies common in the area.
      • The front of the enclosure is covered with a panel that is as thick as the rest of the casing.
      • The skin around the head was covered with long shaggy hair.
      • The shuttle's exterior is covered with thousands of tiles designed to protect it from the extreme heat of re-entry.
      • Now the windows were covered with plywood and the sidewalk buckled in front.
      • The fish's body is covered with scales that overlap each other like the shingles on the roof of a house.
      • In addition her elbows, wrists, and shins were covered with steel protective plates.
      • Body workers sometimes work with clients who are naked, although more often they are covered with a sheet.
      • It was covered with a slab of original limestone, still blackened from fire and inscribed with the date.
      • Their marching shoes are covered with spotless white over-socks into which their pants are tucked.
      • In Melbourne the boy's face was covered up but in Sydney it was full-framed.
      • Mulberry paper also has been used for drawing and as a Korean household item, covering windows and floors.
      • Instead I was confronted with a grimy-looking building with billboards covering the windows and obscuring the interior.
      • All three types of catheters are covered with a sterile dressing that should be kept clean and dry.
      • The floor was black and white marble, except where covered by intricate oriental rugs.
      • Secure with rubber band and then cover with a decorative hair ornament.
      • Massive tapestries and paintings decorated the walls and a large rug covered most of the stone floor.
      • First, we covered the beautiful polished wooden floor with plastic, so we wouldn't get paint on it.
      • Blom has covered the walls and floors of the gallery in white polypropylene sheeting.

    • 1.3

      (cushion) ponerle una funda a
      (book) forrar
      (sofa) tapizar
      (sofa) recubrir

    • 1.4

      (passage/terrace) techar
      (passage/terrace) cubrir
      covered market mercado cubierto
      • The original yellow paint covers the lower forty-nine inches of the left side.
      • It was painted a horrible cream colour completely covering the beautiful old brickwork.
      • And, finally, do the trim so that any paint that accidentally gets on the trim can be covered.
      • Paint covered everything except for the dusty green chalkboards at the front of the room.
      • They were normally constructed from a series of upright stones and dry masonry, covered by a large slab.
      • The old wall used to be covered by peeling off-cream paint.
      • The walls here are covered in childish murals painted by the women.
      • When used for inexpensive furniture, particle board is usually covered with laminate or veneer.
      • Originally the pyramids were covered with a protective coating of polished white limestone.
      • These coffins are covered with a wood veneer which is removed before cremation or burial.
      • The forward unit of the fuselage was covered with aluminum sheet skin that was riveted to the bulkheads.
      • His office wall was covered with a single giant map.
      • The whole thing is covered with gold, pure gold, and the tile work is exquisite.
      • Beyond the end of the bar, the wall was covered from floor to ceiling in mirrors.
      • Slate flooring covers the powder room, laundry room, and the fireplace hearth.
      • The place he was in appeared to be a small rectangular room, the walls and floor covered in a chrome surface.
      • Gillian's sofa hasn't arrived yet: and the hall floor hasn't been covered.

  • 2

    • 2.1(extend over)

      (area/floor) cubrir
      (page) llenar
      • The Dinaric Alps that cover this area also extend southward into Serbia and Montenegro.
      • Our geographic district has been extended so that we cover an area at least double the previous size.
      • If it could be assembled on the ground it would cover an area as large as two football fields.
      • The footpath should have been extended to cover this very small area whilst the Bus Shelter was being put in place.
      • Woodview, a four-bedroom detached house, is situated on a third of an acre and covers an area of 2,150 square feet.
      • The site covers an area of 40 acres and it pre-dates Newgrange.
      • The fund helps forces stretched by covering large areas with relatively low populations.
      • They'd better be quick about it, because a gas plume would cover the area within eight minutes.
      • The net needed to be extended by two more kilometres to cover the entire area of hatching, he felt.
      • The site of Ganweriwala covers an estimated area of 80 hectares.
      • The zone, which covers an area of 23.4 square kilometres, is designed to become one of the largest in Asia.
      • The site covers an area of thousands of acres and was first observed three years ago by Mr. Gibbons when on a field trip in the area.
      • The missiles can fly out from a single platform to spread out and cover a large area.
      • This was later extended to become a permanent ban covering a large area, including European Union waters.
      • The tree is more than 700 years old and it covers an area of 3 acres.
      • Each cooperative covers an area ranging from 500 hectares to 1,000 hectares.
      • It is estimated that up to 1,200 people have land on the road's route, which covers an area of around 800 acres.
      • About 40 officers began a search for the murder weapon in the park, which covers an area of two square miles.
      • A disgusting, intoxicating odor covered the entire area, and cans littered the ground.
      • First was the huge ballroom, covering the whole 3rd floor.

    • 2.2(travel, traverse)

      (distance) recorrer
      (distance) cubrir
      we covered 200km a day recorrimos 200km por día
      • Communication and travel was slow, ships and messages took years to travel the distances covered.
      • If you do five rides a week for 100 miles, try covering the same distance in just three rides one week.
      • DO YOU know that the train that covers the longest distance passes through Ernakulam on Thursdays and Fridays?
      • The club will cover 5,000 miles and travel through 14 countries across Europe and North Africa.
      • When we talk about a stride, we mean the distance covered by all four feet within a given gait.
      • The distance he covered was one mile, and he did it in 24 minutes 36 seconds, a new world record.
      • But if you tunnel underground and travel in a straight line, you cover less distance.
      • The lads are covering a total distance of 144 miles, across sand, stones, mountains, dried lakes, river beds and dunes.
      • Only one rider will be allowed off the train at any time and they expect to cover a distance of 50 miles.
      • Our response to disappointment has not been to lengthen our stride but to shorten the distance to be covered.
      • Nearly 12 hours later, after covering a distance of 30 miles, they completed their journey - just barely.
      • In all likelihood, it won't have covered the same distance as he has in the last 13 months.
      • During this time we will be covering a distance of 679.5 miles.
      • After covering a distance of more than forty-two miles, finally, they are allowed to rest.
      • She covered the distance in 71 hours, cycling through countryside and mountains almost non-stop.
      • The hardest day of the walk was Monday when they covered the greatest distance, 18 miles and mostly uphill.

    • 2.3(operate over)

      (region/area) cubrir
      • Moreover, the chapter covers all service areas not specifically excluded - a very wide brush indeed.
      • Wind farms, distributed across good locations to cover a service area, can be up and running in a year.
      • Enhanced services will cover areas such as minor surgery or improving access to patients.
      • Wiltshire College provides the further education service for most of the area covered by your newspaper.
      • There are some 50 Internet service providers covering some 100 cities in 26 provinces across the nation.
      • Because China Telecom has long operated fixed-line phone services, its cable network covers a large area.
      • The main changes are in the areas covered by Social Services.
      • Dr Pedlow claimed the package would cover areas which very rarely offered obstetric services.
      • Installation was carried out by John Corcoran of Corcoran Dairy Services whose area covers a 40-mile radius of Laois.
      • Her area of responsibility covers four states in the southeastern region of the United States.
      • The service covers Moreton in the north, Winchcombe in the east, Chipping Norton in the west and Burford in the south.
      • Providing additional resources to cover areas where distance from existing ambulance bases is an issue
      • A colleague at one of the service providers that we cover told me a few months ago that I was perspicacious.
      • His school provides secondary education to a catchment area that covers some of Preston's most deprived wards.
      • In 2001 the service covering Paris received 300 000 calls.
      • In addition, remote areas can be covered by wireless or satellite services.
      • It's cheaper to cover areas with cell phone service than with regular copper lines if there are none now.
      • The service covers 400 children in an area of more than 600,000 square kilometres.
      • The bus services will go from point to point and all important places will be covered.
      • The fourth department covers the specific subject of sporting events.

  • 3

    • 3.1(deal with)

      (syllabus) cubrir
      (topic) tratar
      (eventuality) contemplar
      this case is not covered by existing legislation la legislación vigente no contempla este caso
      • Several special issues covering important subjects were published during that period.
      • In summary, this book covers a very important subject.
      • Other courses cover issues that are important for all aspects of humanitarian work.
      • While each appendix is very brief, it covers important topics.
      • The National Opposition will be supporting this bill to the select committee, because it covers some important issues.
      • We shall comment further below on this important work, covering topics in the theory of equations, number theory and geometry.
      • There are some very interesting pieces in the book which covers many important issues and topics.
      • The text is intentionally brief, though all the essential aspects of this enormous subject are covered.
      • I hope the Minister will take a call and assure the Committee that he has covered these very important issues.
      • A good look at the surroundings should educate most delegates on the important issues to be covered.
      • It also helps to focus the conversation so that you're sure to cover the most important issues on your mind.
      • If I don't get to cover a topic or period in class, the kids have to study it on their own to be ready for the exam.
      • This novel of ideas covers myriad issues and themes, all related to the transcending power of love.
      • It covers all of the important legal details, from jury selection to available punishment.
      • This excerpt covers the two most important, lack of time and self-destructive group behaviour.
      • You'll also receive periodic special alert emails covering important events and topics.
      • The history of birth control is not a subject that is covered in most schools.
      • We have expanded the categories to 13, covering both the masonry and concrete arenas.
      • Some archaeologists have extended this approach to cover whole landscapes.
      • The law covers anybody who misbehaves criminally.
      • It sounds rather tied to this particular case, rather than every case covered by the rule.
      • The rules cover employees on contracts for a fixed term or task.
      • If she's not a person covered by the law then there's nothing even to investigate.
      • Only property with a value of more that $25,000 will be covered by this rule.
      • Changes are also expected to be made to laws covering part-time employees.
      • Can we suppose that people would have consented to a maximizing rule covering these situations?
      • As a result, many small, hard-to-measure, unintended benefits will no longer be covered by the rules.
      • This is because the penalty points law only covers the car user.
      • The flagstick is an important part of the game of golf and is covered by Rule 17 in the Rules of Golf.
      • These self-employed women are not covered by labour laws that protect members of the formal sector.
      • The regulation covers all local women of child-bearing age, including the jobless.
      • At that time, previously existing amnesty laws covering politicians were struck from the constitution.
      • In particular, the Regulation covers the families of EC workers, which are nowhere mentioned in the Treaty.
      • But what legislation covers a physician who is flying?
      • Where does this legislation cover the employees and the directors?
      • It only applies in England and Wales, as separate laws cover Scotland.
      • This bill is similar to legislation covering teachers in the classroom setting.
      • The difference is they are regulated and covered by law.
      • Most of the laws cover companies that provide services to cities but not workers on city payrolls.

    • 3.2Journalism
      (report on)

      • Reporters covering traumatic events can take some steps of their own.
      • Reporters, however, cover meetings only when there is the promise of something newsworthy.
      • The timing will also offer opportunities to meet with BBC reporters in the area covering the elections.
      • And reporters covering events that will bring them near to leaders were screened for exposure to SARS.
      • A number of media outlets are cutting back on the size of their traditional phalanx of reporters covering the event.
      • The newspaper provided evidence from two reporters covering the event who each agreed on the poor organization.
      • The dozens of reporters who covered the event were especially curious about yoga and vegetarianism.
      • Each morning Barbara reads journalists' reports covering events in the Middle East.
      • Let's imagine an education reporter covering the local school board.
      • As he spoke, the pagers of reporters who were covering the meeting started to beep.
      • The reporter and cameraman were covering the severe cold and snow that plunged much of the country into crisis.
      • Remarkably, the hundreds of reporters covering these debates think little of the corporate sponsorship of the debates.
      • It's the local reporter covering the race, wanting to know what you think of your opponent's recent attack on you.
      • When covering these debates, reporters often try to use university scientists as objective arbiters.
      • A medical report from Dr. Myers covering this event has been disclosed to the defence.
      • But first we'll have a look at how the media have been covering the Wall Street meltdown in recent days.
      • An advantage of sites like this is that citizens can cover issues and events that local mainstream media ignore.
      • Journalists sometimes cover issues and events that conflict with the interests of advertisers.
      • In view of the investigation to be conducted into the arms deal, some aspects would not be covered by these three agencies.
      • Failing to cover such an important community event would not be a big deal if a local radio station was on air.

    • 3.3Law
      (apply to)

      this legislation only covers large companies esta legislación solo afecta / se aplica a las empresas grandes

  • 4

    • 4.1(hide)

      she covered her ears/eyes se tapó los oídos/ojos
      • to cover one's head cubrirse (la cabeza)

    • 4.2(mask)

      (surprise/ignorance) disimular
      (blunder/mistake) ocultar
      (blunder/mistake) tapar informal
      • It was almost as if he was putting on a mask or disguise to cover his sorrow.
      • The words were covered by the heavy sounds of cheers and the banging of the bass drum.
      • I knew that the sounds of the waters and the night noises would cover my quiet words.
      • She used her hand to rub her eyes to make it seem like they were itchy, but in fact she was covering the tears.
      • The sound of running water covered any and all other noises that day.
      • The noise level would pick up however, just enough to cover the rain of the silent bombs.
      • He laughed, covering the sudden feeling of stupidity.
      • Even though the noise was covering their argument he couldn't have an out and out there.
      • Do the Rebels intend a nocturnal attack or is this shooting supposed to cover up their retreat?

  • 5

    • 5.1(guard, protect)

      we have all the exits covered tenemos todas las salidas cubiertas
      • I'll keep you covered yo te cubro

    • 5.2(point gun at)

      apuntarle a
      we've got you covered! ¡te tenemos encañonado!
      • He could only watch with an impressed look and cover her with his gun.
      • John moved for his gun, but Silas was already covering him.
      • Jim took two quick steps backwards, trying to cover Diana with the gun and keep from losing sight of Harry.
      • Hiding behind the trunk I glanced at the pit of the machine gun that covered my friends.
      • Jacques gave him a chilling smile and he glanced at Arti before swinging his gun to cover Alex with the nozzle.
      • Roy let loose with a burst that dropped the two men, then turned his weapon towards the trio covering Winger.

    • 5.3Sport

      (opponent) marcar
      (court/shot/base) cubrir
      • In case of a mismatch where a smaller defender must cover a taller player, a teammate should collapse to help.
      • If this happens, you need to look for the player your team mate was covering, and now you cover that player.
      • If the back defenders are covering the middle player, either or both of your sideline girls are open.
      • Teams covering Zubov for the shot open up the passing lane, which is where Brett Hull lives.
      • Larry Brown could counter by assigning Lindsey Hunter to cover Wade more in Game 4.
      • He lines up on the opposing tight end and either can cover that player or attack the quarterback.
      • He's tough for any player to cover and will face rookie Shawn Marion in this series.
      • Jude Waddy is one of the fastest players on the team and can cover and blitz.
      • The coach believes in having a lot of players who can cover, so he's sure to add a veteran or two.
      • He's a far better athlete than the defender covering him much of the time, but he doesn't make the defender pay for that.
      • That will allow the team to cover better for an average perimeter defense.
      • There might not be a linebacker or safety in the league who can cover Westbrook man-to-man.
      • Los Angeles Galaxy defender Paul Caligiuri had to cover Diallo in the first round of the playoffs.
      • Gates can't be covered by linebackers, meaning teams have to take their chances with a safety.
      • You can also match up man to man by having each defender cover the closest man.
      • Teams are learning asking a safety to cover Gates can be risky business.
      • It's easy for a defenseman to cover if the two of you are right on the same plain.
      • One of the worrying aspects for the Danes is a complete absence of cover for their two key strikers.
      • Defense must have 1 man on the ball and 1 covering the 2 receivers.
      • The batter hits a ground ball to shortstop, who tosses the ball to the second baseman covering the bag for a force out.
      • We had first, second and third bases covered, plus a pitcher and a catcher.
      • The judge seems to have covered all of his bases in this decision, making it difficult to overturn.
      • Negotiations would follow on which bases would be covered by an agreement, he said.
      • Dawe had certainly covered all of his bases as far as security was concerned.
      • Ironically, Dailly had been trying to shepherd the ball clear as he covered behind Elliott.
      • Henderson took the sting off his close-range effort and Bower was covering behind him to clear off the line.

  • 6

    • 6.1(pay for, meet)

      (costs/expenses) cubrir
      (liabilities) hacer frente a
      will $100 cover it? ¿alcanzará con 100 dólares?
      • We are still the only industrial nation whose citizens are not all covered by health insurance.
      • One complication here is that you may be covered by insurance for some situations.
      • Taxpayers who itemize can deduct disaster losses not covered by insurance or federal aid.
      • Standard risks will continue to be covered by normal insurance cover.
      • If your business premises is flooded this year, the insurance would cover you for loss of turnover next year.
      • Many landowners require that pilots flying on their land be covered by liability insurance.
      • Kyra is involved in an experimental therapy that isn't covered by insurance.
      • They are not always covered by insurance, as they are not labeled as approved for use by pregnant women.
      • Unfortunately, hearing aids are often not covered by health insurance companies.
      • The drug will be covered by health insurance for the first time under a new law that went into effect in March.
      • The solutions may not be covered by your insurance, but your well-being is worth it.
      • Some services have become more available to patients; others are not covered by health insurance.
      • But the people who have all those things would be most likely to be covered by insurance.
      • Beyond that, you can still get care from an outside source, although it may not be covered by your insurance.
      • Chimney fire damage and repair normally is covered by homeowner insurance policies.
      • If you have the surgery only to improve your appearance, it might not be covered by insurance.
      • He made no effort to find another automobile insurer that would cover Stephanie.
      • Many insurers will still cover you for existing conditions, providing you are not travelling against your doctor's advice.
      • Your insurer will not cover you for accidents.
      • Never bill an insurer for a service that is covered instead of the treatment actually provided.
      • Each state will determine if these services will be covered by Medicaid.
      • An example is cosmetic services, typically not covered by third-party payers.

    • 6.2(insurance)

      the policy covers you against all risks esta póliza lo cubre contra todo tipo de riesgos
      • to be covered against sth estar asegurado contra algo

  • 7

    • 7.1

      (stake) igualar

    • 7.2

      (card/jack) matar

  • 8

    (bull/stallion) cubrir
    • Fortunately, we found this out before the stallion commenced covering mares from September 1 and saved many breeders from disappointment.
    • When a small breeder wishes to have his mare covered by a top stallion, he will pay top dollar for the privilege.
    • Molony wants stallion owners to reduce the number of mares each sire covers and to be more selective.
    • A lot of big racing stables wanted to get mares covered.
    • They introduced further Arab blood into the Percheron breed by covering selected mares with two Arab sires.
  • 9

    (song) versionar
    • He's also been listening to the Bunnymen, even covering one of their songs in live sets.
    • It's tempting to think of this song as Marc Jordan covering a Rod Stewart song, but this, in fact, is the original.
    • There have also been some big bands that have covered Last Resort songs.
    • I would say whoever you are the biggest honour is if your favourite band covered one of your songs.
    • Really, is there any point to covering a song Hendrix covered near-perfectly?
    • Call it hubris or a lack of imagination: some bands feel compelled to cover other artists' songs.
    • Taking the step of creating an entire album by covering songs takes guts.
    • Her track list doesn't add up to anything more than a desire, however noble, to cover folk songs.
    • Established stars queued up to cover songs from the Mitchell songbook.
    • His producers gave him songs to cover that had already been big in the East.
    • Around 20 people perform at any one time, covering songs from Johnny Cash to Kylie Minogue.
    • A band that gets its reputation for covering songs tends to be, well, a cover band.
    • The song was covered by Johnnie Ray in 1956 and became a huge national hit that year.
    • Have you ever wondered what songs by an artist have been covered, or what songs an artist has covered?
    • Here they are covering the most venomous song written.
    • Maybe that's why his songs have been covered by more women than men.
    • Although we had to cover one of his songs, once, for a compilation LP.
    • Now I hate that this song is even being covered, but, man, she rises to the occasion.
    • He sang along under his breath to the songs he was covering.
    • If you ask me, he was one of the only artists fit to cover the Beatles.
    • Nevermind that fact, but he covers tunes by other respected musicians.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to cover for sb sustituir / suplir a algn
    • All lessons are being covered either by supply teachers or staff covering for colleagues.
    • He was covering for a colleague when the attack happened.
    • Over the next two years it will limit teachers to spending only 38 hours a year covering for absent colleagues.
    • There is currently an undisclosed number of such teachers brought in to cover for absent colleagues on any given day.
    • Pryce started Friday's 46-6 victory covering for an absent colleague, injured full back Withers.
    • The illness, the covering for sick colleagues, the boredom and the hunger, meant nerves were always at full stretch.
    • There is the matter of the other employees who may end up covering for absent colleagues
    • Clearly, this eases the pressure on colleagues who have had to cover for them during their absence and saves the council money.
    • Apparently the temporary manager who was covering for the landlord's holiday quit and skipped town.
    • I called in a few favours, got some colleagues to clear some of my paperwork and to cover for me, and left the office.
    • Most people are consumed with the more obvious issues, such as covering for their absences at work and at home.
    • Johnson's bat covered for Jeter's absence almost perfectly.
    • They are arguing for a ballot to refuse to cover for absences of longer than one day to unify the action.
    • The story effectively starts when his partner covers for Gibson's absence one day.
    • Workers are absent for up to three weeks a year - a cost of £10m a year after taking into account the cost of covering for the absences.
    • Computers and teaching assistants are set to replace teachers in covering for staff when they are off work.
    • He handled money, covered for absences by members in Hamburg, and trained in the camp himself.
    • In terms of replacements to cover for the injured players, Sedgley could do a lot worse than follow Orrell's example.
    • In 2001 teachers in Doncaster and London refused to cover for absences any longer than three days.
    • Two deputy head teachers at the school in Burnley Road will cover for Mr Thomas until a replacement is appointed.
  • 2

    (conceal truth)
    to cover for sb encubrir a algn
    • An appropriate punishment for having covered for the president would have been four more years of cleaning up after him.
    • Like today, I almost got punished for covering for Matt.
    • And what charges will you make against a president who so obviously covered for his consigliere all this time?
    • He covered for me when Mr. Patterson questioned about my week's absence early in the morning.
    • It is led by a man whose vocabulary is littered with apocalyptic language, even as he covers for some of the worst evils being perpetrated.
    • Fortunately, his landlady's daughter has a crush on her ‘true gentleman’ and covers for him.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    cubrirse las espaldas