Translation of cover charge in Spanish:

cover charge

cubierto, n.

See Spanish definition of cubierto


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    (in restaurant) cubierto masculine
    (in nightclub) consumición mínima feminine US
    • There's always a cover charge at the door of a sex club, as high as $50, which goes straight to management.
    • Pay your cover charge and stop running around from club to club.
    • The cover charge was $3 but with the obligatory tip, it was more like $3.02.
    • All are welcome to attend and there is a nominal cover charge of 2.
    • The night starts at 8.30 with a cover charge of 15 euro.
    • A cover charge of Eu 5.00 per walk (Children Under 12 with adult only) will apply.
    • A cover charge of $5.00 per person (as well as donations) will be collected.
    • The cover charge and the drink price is not worth it.
    • At nine, we paid a small cover charge and went downstairs.
    • No cover charge we are told, so all the groovier.
    • The cover charge of Rs.150 includes refreshments and dinner.
    • Unfortunately, for this reader, the humor fell flat and I was left wishing for a return on a cover charge.
    • Depending on when you arrive, there could be a cover charge of up to $5.00.
    • There will be 8 local bands performing from 4pm to 10 pm and the cover charge will be 8 Euro.
    • You walk out the door and there's $20, as if it's a cover charge for the city.
    • Standard cover charge is €25 per person with corporate tables of ten costing €200.
    • Early reports said there would be a cover charge at all times.
    • So, from now on, if we charge a cover charge, it's going to be at least $6.
    • Games kick off at 8pm with a cover charge of £1, which includes light refreshments.
    • We came back the next night and were told the cover charge was R50.