Translation of coverage in Spanish:


cobertura televisiva, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəv(ə)rɪdʒ/ /ˈkʌv(ə)rɪdʒ/


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    (television) cobertura televisiva feminine
    (cell phone) cobertura de telefonía celular feminine Latin America
    (cell phone) cobertura de telefonía móvil feminine Spain
    • The increased number of detectors and tube rotation times combine to give faster coverage of a given volume of tissue.
    • These provide thermal and acoustical insulation, strength with low weight, and coverage with few heat loss paths.
    • Then came the drought, with some events threatened by the lack of rain and grass coverage on the playing fields.
    • Foliar coverage increases as spray volume and pressure are increased.
    • It is not possible to determine the point where a monolayer is compressed to its complete coverage without auxiliary experiments.
    • But this only applied to that company, since there were no other private stations with nation-wide coverage.
    • The show will also receive national radio coverage, with the station broadcasting live from the exhibition.
    • Beacon Hill brings approximately 177,000 people into BBC national digital radio coverage for the first time.
    • Regional coverage is another area where work is needed.
    • In all, the event generated more than 200 broadcast stories in over 53 cities and print coverage reaching six million readers.
    • The strict rules governing transmitter power and coverage result in a very limited audience for a station's programming.
    • Some even suggest the combined resources of a broadcast station and a newspaper would lead to better coverage.
    • The existing Anchorage network has been merged with the new ANSS stations to provide improved coverage of the Anchorage region.
    • We can guarantee that these broadcasts will receive global coverage on all networks including the BBC.
    • The fact that it is easy and cost-efficient to bring DRM programs on air enables established stations to broaden their coverage area.
    • It is far less expensive funding that process than what carriers spend on towers without reaching the same coverage.
    • The professor concluded by requesting expanded coverage of Japanese broadcasts.
    • Fitzgerald said the product could also bring wireless coverage to remote land-based stations.
    • Relays mounted on a space-based platform offer the advantage of large coverage.
    • Remember, in most coverage areas you don't even need a cell-phone account.
    • The Western Telegraph today joins forces with the county council in a campaign to achieve total broadband coverage in Pembrokeshire.
    • There is not the total coverage of the country that we had in the past.
    • At some point, a radio group with extensive interests in England will want coverage in Scotland to offer a complete package to advertisers.
    • Mobile phone network operator 02 has been boasting recently about the extensive coverage it offers customers.
    • For any extent of network coverage, it is important that the connection quality be maintained.
    • This new line makes a lot more of Singapore accessible, but there are still areas that lack good coverage.
    • But problems with this system could occur when motorists hit an area with no coverage.
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    news coverage cobertura informativa
    • the wide coverage of these events la amplia cobertura de estos acontecimientos
    • there will be live coverage of the game el partido será transmitido en directo
    • I agree that media coverage of the issue too often has been laden with generalizations, hyperbole and sensational images.
    • On the other hand, maybe these sessions were merely held to procure media coverage for the issue, in order to affect the election.
    • Media coverage of hot-button issues usually skirts this aspect of them.
    • On specific issues, media coverage does often have a decisive effect.
    • There is no doubt that we have had wall-to-wall saturation media coverage of this war.
    • Jennie Bond will be providing television news coverage of the events.
    • A second false report that received extensive news coverage was a story that generated not hope but fear.
    • Logistically, providing live television coverage of the event will be a challenge.
    • Many people complain about the saturation news coverage given to yucky, sensationalistic stories of limited public value.
    • The game tanked, but not before receiving widespread press coverage.
    • For full, in-depth coverage of the elections, don't miss our Special Report.
    • Exhausted we watched the latest TV coverage of the election.
    • Look, there has been blanket coverage of this issue.
    • There were people who were, in fact, concerned about the paper's coverage of those issues.
    • There's a weariness to the papers' coverage of this story.
    • Critics of embedded reporting also complain about the networks' limited coverage of anti-war protests.
    • And keep watching for increased coverage of the topics that matter to you most.
    • A great deal of coverage associated the anti-war movement with celebrities and popular cultural activity generally.
    • So who is offering the most complete coverage of the war?
    • I've been watching a great deal of coverage of the imminent US Presidential elections on TV and reading about it in the papers.
    • These tragic incidents, although very rare, receive a great deal of press coverage.
    • The convention received a good deal of coverage at the time, but no lasting impact has been felt.