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nidada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkəvi/ /ˈkʌvi/

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nombreplural coveys

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    (de perdices, codornices o urogallos) nidada femenino
    • Instead of holding individual territories, both species form coveys, which are flocks of 4-6 fused family groups.
    • In two days, I walked past staunch points into approximately 70 coveys of wild birds.
    • In non-breeding seasons, Northern Bobwhites congregate in coveys of up to 20 birds.
    • A covey of sprightly grey partridge look back and trundle on.
    • We park in the draw where the hunter's dog first jumped a small covey of Hungarian partridge.
    • During the breeding season, coveys break up into breeding pairs that spread out across the home range to nest.
    • Flocks of migratory shorebirds are yet to arrive, but small coveys of rock ptarmigan are already roaming about.
    • Quail coveys broke up and the male birds staked out breeding territories.
    • Grey partridge are down to a handful of coveys and look as if they will become extinct unless concerted effort is made.
    • We put up 13 coveys during the morning and 12 in the afternoon and quit at 5 p.m. with a four-man, 60-bobwhite limit.
    • The first crisp, clear day of moderate wind should provide a glorious backdrop for staunch points over big coveys.
    • And, as with feral hogs, many coveys go unhunted during the deer season for fear of disrupting the pastures.
    • He flushed Cochrane from the woods like a frightened covey of Mississippi quail.
    • With the covey gone, I decided to photograph the turtle.
    • Looking for a shotgun sport that is as unpredictable as a covey of quail?
    • A covey of quail took off, too, and I began feeling like Attila the Hun tromping through the forest.
    • That was Conner's first thought when the revelers exploded out of sight like a covey of quail.
    • As I strolled along a heavily used game trail, a covey of wild turkeys fled before me and hid in a thicket of wild roses.
    • It's like quail hunting: A short, light 20-gauge gun is faster than a big, heavy 12 in covering a covey rise.