Translation of cow camp in Spanish:

cow camp

campamento de vaqueros, n.


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    campamento de vaqueros masculine
    • In the cow camps the young girls and boys have the responsibility to put cow dung in heaps in the sun.
    • Scattered farms, mining towns and cow camps also depended on the service of Moab's new physician.
    • Participation in the advanced cow camps requires good riding skills since the days can be long.
    • The era of the wagon came to an end in the 1970's, and individual cow camps were built in each pasture system.
    • One of his cow camps was about thirty miles to the east at a place called Poker Flats.
    • The cowboy crew is very experienced and is stationed at cow camps within the ranch.
    • Other options are available, such as weekender packages, cow camps, and ‘city slicker’ cattle drives.
    • He was beaten and battered by life in cow camps, but he loved that life and the horses.
    • Roughly a dozen cow camps were located on the west end of Grand Mesa, each one critical to summer livestock operations.
    • A lot of these girls ended up in cow camps and mining towns around the West.
    • We now have the opportunity to offer you two to five day horseback adventures that take you into the actual working cow camps.
    • Soldiers relocated to the new western forts needed beef and soon cow camps began to spring up near the Fort Worth to Fort Belknap Road.
    • Even today, a visit to the cow camps will show that Native cowboys are still a vital part of the ranching community.
    • Some outfits got by on corn bread, tortillas or even hard-tack, but the staple of most cow camps was the sourdough biscuit.
    • In many cases, they became songs and stories became as prevalent in the cow camps of the old west as Chaps and Spurs.
    • They lived in a man's world most the time, staying in cow camps for months at a time.
    • As ‘living historians,’ they recreate the authentic music of the cow camps of Colorado.
    • Florida's cowboy heritage comes alive with living history demonstrations of the early Florida ‘cow hunters’ in an 1876-era cow camp.