Traducción de cowbell en Español:


cencerro, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊˌbɛl/ /ˈkaʊbɛl/

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    cencerro masculino
    • We could revert to our childhood and have a bit of plastic flapping against the spokes or maybe just an alpine cowbell round our necks?
    • Do I have to jump up and down like a monkey, with a cowbell around my neck for anyone to notice me?
    • Walking the Alps is definitely something to savour - mountains, meadows, clanging cowbells - what more could you want?
    • In an Austrian village where distant cowbells are usually the only sound, the curtain has gone up on one of the world's most unusual festivals.
    • These cowbells are ‘hot’ souvenirs, available at practically every shop in Switzerland.
    • Decorated with wagon wheels, barrel-sized cowbells and bullhorns, the room is all about dark, varnished wood and privacy.
    • I drive down the middle of a meandering road through snug villages and fresh meadows to the sound of tinkling cowbells.
    • We climb all day, the hot air silent but for the jangle of cowbells.
    • Others wrote tender little baubles about childhood holidays, first love, baked apples and cowbells.
    • Both have been surrounded by cowbells and saddles since they were tykes.
    • I could bear cowbells tinkling from the basalt villages of the Velay, 3000 feet above sea level.
    • Visiting a tourist shop, one notices a great number of wooden cows and/or brass cowbells for sale.
    • For someone who has always been a fan of high alpine meadows, it seemed a cruel irony to be dragged from sleep by a cowbell.
    • The 50 cm plaster duck has a little cowbell on its neck, to prove that it's really not alive, as the cowbell remains silent.
    • The silence is broken only by the tinkle of a distant cowbell.