Translation of cowl in Spanish:


hábito, n.

Pronunciation /kaʊl/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(monk's cloak)

      (con capucha) hábito masculine
      cogulla feminine
      • Anyone who ever did know the man behind the hooded cowl died long ago and in a horrible fashion.
      • Then, an army of warriors and men dressed in black cowls came from the direction of Plunder castle and sacked the town.
      • It was dressed in the black cowl of a priest.
      • In one fluid movement, he discarded cowl and robe, and stood girded in his mail of scorched black iron.
      • She stared at the children's white robes and the guards' black cowls.
      • It can be difficult tell a brown monk's cowl from a soldier's dark dress when all look nearly black.
      • He had donned the garb of a Hammalite monk, wearing a long whitish-grey cowl.
      • He looked at my monk's cowl with an odd, hesitant smile.
      • A priest in a long black cowl is firing burning flare at Jephthan.
      • Anyone who ever did know the man behind the hooded cowl died long ago and in a horrible fashion.
      • I undo his collar and remove his cowl so that I can get to his cuts and bruises.
      • He's Batman without the cowl, but the sunglasses substitute nicely.
      • Yorkshire's own outlaw, Robin Hood, was among the original hoodie wearers, alongside monks and friars who wore cowls.
      • She shoved back the wrap his cowl ended in and found a dagger and an empty sheath strapped to his waist.
      • The Dampminer looked up at the men in black cowls.
      • A train of figures in tattered and bloody cowls were being herded toward the mouth of a cavern.
      • A new cowl sits on a shelf beside several others.
      • The three figures had human faces - young, male faces under monk-like cowls.
      • All of them - advisers and Chancellor alike - wore skullcaps and cowls.
      • Although resembling monks by virtue of their cowls and heavy draperies, the majority of the mourners are laymen.
      • During my time at Ampleforth there were the monks wandering down the corridors in their cowls.

    • 1.2(hood)

      capucha feminine
      cogulla feminine
      • The scapula was meant to protect the chemise, and had a built in hood or cowl.
      • His cowl has a vaguely avian appearance, with a visor in the shape of a beak.
      • No face was visible from beneath the depths of the cowls.
      • The four put their cowls back over their heads, then left the room, no one bothering to extinguish the lamp.
      • ‘Drink this for me,’ I say and pull his cowl down.
      • His cowl had fallen back, exposing his tonsure.
      • Another woman walks to her side, in black, with a white cowl.
      • Then something caught his cowl and pulled it off his head.
      • He's a slender, pale man, whose face is obscured by a black cowl.
      • The advisor pulled back his cowl, and his balding pate, though thick of long, dark hair, shone in the torch-light.
      • Danovin sneered, hidden in his cowl, and grumbled under his breath.
      • He stood behind them, eyes peering out under the black cowl.
      • The beastly men now wore black cowls across their heads.
      • Seraph stopped when the cloaked figure pulled his cowl down, to reveal a young girl.
      • I pull the cowl down to see the stitch I slashed.
      • The cowl of his cloak was raised, but I could see his eyes.
      • He said as he clasped the cowl of a cloak around his neck.
      • The figure was clad in black, with the cowl of his cloak hiding his face.
      • It's a rose-pink bias-cut cocktail dress with a cowl neckline, and little rose-pink beads scattered down the front.
      • He pulled a white hooded robe on and threw the cowl over his face, obscuring his features entirely.
      • He hid his face in the cowl of his coat, trying not to pay attention to the people staring at him.

    • 1.3also cowl neckClothing

      (desbocado) cuello vuelto masculine

  • 2

    (of chimney)
    sombrerete masculine
    • I told the council about this and they came down and put a cowl on the chimney.
    • Remove the top of the roof cowl by loosening the bolts.
    • These cowls would be used where rain and/or birds or other pests are a problem.
    • While architectural salvage was a condition of the eventual consent for demolition, the distinctive cowls have disappeared.
    • Its distinctive cowls have disappeared forever from the city's skyline.