Traducción de cowling en español:


cubierta de proa, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊlɪŋ/


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    cubierta de proa femenino
    • The aircraft had full NACA cowlings and new nacelles while fabric replaced metal covering on the control surfaces.
    • The engines were covered with three-piece NACA anti-drag cowlings, and the aft nacelles were streamlined into the wing.
    • Erroneously though, he also states that the ‘Section Leader’ band on the fuselage is painted Red as is the engine cowling.
    • The engine cowlings are armoured for protection.
    • However, DB - 605 engines and cowlings proved as elusive as the original Messerschmitts.
    • The sergeant ordered his mechanics to pull off the engine cowlings, remove the selfsealing fuel hoses and cut them in sections.
    • The props were missing, but the wings and engine cowlings were still in place.
    • In many cases, we can't even do a thorough inspection of the engine compartment because the cowling only has an oil door.
    • High strength composites are used for the windscreen, the upper cowling and parts of the tail fin and tail plane.
    • The new aircraft would, obviously, need a new cowling to house the Wasp Major while the cockpit was also redesigned.
    • The huge cowling and four-blade propeller gave a hint of the power available from the R - 4360.
    • Similarly, there is a trio of panels atop the cowling and just aft of the firewall that provide access to avionics.
    • The Pitts S - 1C had damage to its propeller tips, engine cowling, and the leading edge of its top left wing.
    • Vassilli's aim was true, and the plane went down trailing smoke from the engine cowling.
    • The carburetor on the Velie engine hung beneath the engine and was completely exposed below the cowling.
    • It had several holes in the cowling to allow more air to flow through the engine compartment.
    • Could you imagine the government buying a jet without opening its engine cowlings?
    • With no immediate effect happening, James swerved his plane a bit and fired another burst, this time at the engine cowling.
    • Was a tool left by accident in the engine cowling?
    • As I approached, I noticed that my student seemed fascinated by the engine cowling.