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boñiga, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊˌpæt/ /ˈkaʊpat/

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    boñiga femenino
    (de vaca) bosta femenino América Latina
    • Sunday - Stood in a field while my female companion poked cowpats with sticks to look for dung beetles.
    • If it LOOKS like a cowpat, SMELLS like a cowpat… it ain't a quiche!
    • There are complaints here among weekenders about cocks crowing in the early morning and cowpats on the road.
    • He headed out into the clear skies and cowpats of the country for inspiration.
    • The women built the houses from cowpats while the men looked after the herd.
    • That's a chequered cloth spread on a grassy meadow, carefully arranged to avoid the cowpats.
    • In the searing heat of the Mojave desert, cowpats quickly assume the texture and aerodynamics of Frisbees.
    • Among the dodgy remedies are cowpats to draw boils, liquid paraffin to ease constipation and vinegar for almost everything.
    • Within two minutes, we were dodging cowpats through the country park.
    • Still, there were some tricky cowpats to negotiate and weedy children to encourage.
    • Apart from a lady who put her foot in a cowpat, the July walk was fairly uneventful.
    • Fortunately, there was no one about to witness the sight of six fully kitted divers slipping and sliding through the cowpats.
    • They were tricked a few times by pale cowpats, then Fleur found the first mushrooms.
    • This Government has the perception that all farmers are just a bunch of cow-cockies knee deep in cowpats.
    • After a while the heat from the cowpat thawed him out and he felt a little better.
    • ‘It looks like a cowpat,’ said the decorous Englishman who ordered it, ‘but it tastes good.’
    • Because it doesn't stink as much after a time does not make it less a cowpat.
    • Cattle provide an ideal method of transporting the plant because a single cowpat can hold 150 or more seeds.
    • The road took a brief eastward swing inland, through flat dairy-farming country and the smell of sundried cowpats.
    • We walked through his school, past women making those cowpat cakes for the fires.