Translation of coy in Spanish:


tímido, adj.

Pronunciation /kɔɪ/

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adjective coyer, coyest

  • 1

    (shy) tímido
    (evasive) evasivo
    a coy little smile una sonrisita tímida y coqueta
    • let's not be coy about it no nos andemos con remilgos
    • True, she's as coy and feminine as she wants to be.
    • We've flirted at balls, and she was as coy as a twenty-four year-old!
    • She's coy enough to curdle butter, looking up at him from under her lashes.
    • Her smile was coy, and she playfully tilted her head, an inquisitive glimmer in her eyes.
    • There are plenty of hoots and whistles, derision for the woman's coy smile and smeared-on lipstick.
    • "Because it's, um, embarrassing, " I said, trying to act so coy.
    • She smiled at Rochelle and nodded with a coy smile playing on her lips.
    • A coy smile slipped onto his face, and he cocked his head slightly.
    • Gem returned the stare, a coy smile creeping its way onto her countenance.
    • "Don't play coy with me, " she said with a laugh.
    • But even those who decide to play coy won't have long to wait.
    • His second memoir can thus be read as a rather coy critique of his first.
    • He wasn't so coy that he didn't realize he was a star.
    • You're being much too coy with power - it's like you're playing hard to get or something.
    • Everyone else acts coy, stupid, and young throughout the rest of episode.
    • For a women who takes her clothes off for a living, Ms Deneuve is a bit coy.
    • "He seemed a bit coy and shy about it and he didn't even want any thanks.
    • Aurora had stated gently, giving him a coy side glance without realizing it.
    • I saw the girls giggle as they passed, flicking coy glances at me.
    • She gave him a coy glance and leaned over to whisper into his ear.
    • Clifford is coy about this, ‘No, I think I've got my work cut out here quite frankly.’
    • Nor was the administration coy about its reasons.
    • This was no time to be coy about asking for money.
    • Woods is coy about how he feels about Garcia's progress.
    • They should also know what symptoms to look out for and not be coy about seeking medical attention.
    • Yet he proves coy about his contract intentions.
    • In fact, the White House has been coy about the ‘reduction’ of nuclear weapons contemplated under NPR.
    • The JVP leadership has been remarkably coy about providing an answer.
    • The company pleads competitive sensitivity for being so coy on this.
    • The former Boro player himself remains coy on the subject but, tellingly, does not rule it out.
    • Others have been far less coy on the subject of drug use.
    • In fact, the film is remarkably coy about sex in general.
    • Adrian Eastwood is a little coy about the idea that bookies know better than polls or punters.
    • Not surprisingly, the phone network companies are a little coy about admitting they have this ability.
    • Wilder remained coy about his own political beliefs, at least publicly.
    • One reporter decided to be less coy and actually used the word ' groin ' in his copy!
    • She is suddenly coy and protective of her creativity.
    • But she's coy about revealing how many, with what qualifications, or where they are based.
    • She is coy about how much is in the coffers, but says ACT is aiming to match what it spent in 2002.
    • As a writer she is coy about her influences, although she will admit to admiring Jilly Cooper.