Traducción de coyness en español:


(coqueta) timidez, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɔɪnəs/


  • 1

    (coqueta) timidez femenino
    • The customary number with children from the audience goes without gush or embarrassing coyness.
    • In the subsequent intervals the females continually respond with near optimal coyness.
    • Elizabeth was not so easy to give in to such coyness.
    • Nor is it totally incomprehensible that some people find Britney's coyness in interviews disingenuous.
    • My lady, fair and lovely and unkind, your gentle coyness wounds me to the heart.
    • And then there's her apparent coyness about her breasts.
    • Her playful tone echoes these predecessors, but with a coyness that seems distinctly feminine.
    • Mr. Darcy frowned while he normally enjoyed Miss Elizabeth's coyness, at time like these it could be most vexing.
    • Passivity, submissiveness and coyness can be dangerous, and may create an atmosphere of sexual aggression.
    • I could never predict what would set it off, the coyness or the flighty laughter that would usually gain me at least one attentive admirer for a night.
    • Machismo, an attitude of male superiority and sexism, is widespread (marianismo, an attitude of female passivity and coyness, is the counterpart of machismo).
    • Why does Rebecca's coyness work?
    • Bravely and unselfconsciously, this generous actress looks middle-aged, yet with that gangly tomboyish essence that allows her to play young without resorting to cosmetic artifice or girly-girl coyness.
    • Lord of my heart, no more shall there be for me waiting in corners, no more coyness and sweetness of demeanour.
    • Miss Austen also raises the question many intelligent women find themselves asking: Is all this coyness really necessary?
    • He held her by the shoulders and looked straight into her eyes, past the familiar coyness and unfamiliar anger until he saw the quiet spot he was looking for.
    • An elegant lady, he believed, initially refuses the proposals of a man whom she secretly admires; through her coyness she seeks to capture his heart more firmly.
    • Suddenly the coyness was gone from her voice, replaced by genuine wistfulness.
    • Such coyness raises my suspicions a little.
    • I only answered by an incredulous smile, which, for all his monastic subtlety, struck him as the expression of a young girl's coyness.