Translation of coyote in Spanish:


coyote, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaɪˌoʊt/ /kaɪˈoʊdi/ /kɔɪˈəʊti/ /kʌɪˈəʊti/

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nounplural coyotes, plural coyote

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    coyote masculine
    • There are 36 species of Canidae, including dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals and foxes.
    • Other predators are red foxes, coyotes, wolves, bear, mountain lions, lynx, bobcats, eagles, and great horned owls.
    • Eagles, rattlesnakes, deer, pronghorn antelope, foxes, coyotes, and mountain lions roam the area.
    • Whitetail deer, coyote, red fox, snowshoe hare and raccoon often make appearances.
    • Today Wyoming's Bighorn Basin, home to pronghorns and prairie dogs, coyotes and rattlesnakes, is nearly a desert.
    • Their predators include great horned owls, bobcats, cougars, coyotes, and foxes, so wariness is in their blood.
    • Mating between eastern Canadian wolves, red wolves, and coyotes is possible, he said, because they share a common ancestor.
    • Major predators of the otter include sharks, killer whales, coyotes, brown bears and even eagles.
    • A mixed pack of coyotes and wild dogs had found the open gate.
    • Grizzly bears and bison were exterminated, and coyotes and prairie dogs were shot on sight and poisoned.
    • Adult red foxes may also be attacked by coyotes, wolves, or other predators, but this is rarely in order to eat them.
    • Sometimes falling prey, on land, to wolves and coyotes, the otter's principal enemies are humans.
    • Predators, such as coyotes, swift foxes, and skunks, are a major problem for ground nesting birds.
    • The virus is carried by a number of wild animals, including coyotes, foxes, and some wolves.
    • The red wolf is larger than a coyote and smaller than a gray wolf.
    • Wolves tend to eat larger prey, like elk - but coyotes prey on young antelope.
    • Also, coyotes were often observed hunting rodents in the cranberry bogs at the rendezvous site.
    • With a blink, his eyes adjusted and decided it was either a wild dog or a wolf or a coyote.
    • These animals clearly act like coyotes and not wolves.
    • Dogs and coyotes have been injured and even killed by llamas.