There are 2 main translations of crab in Spanish

: crab1crab2


cangrejo, n.

Pronunciation /kræb/ /krab/


  • 1

    • 1.1(animal)

      cangrejo masculine
      jaiba feminine Latin America
      • Without warning the stalks supporting the crab's beady black eyes shoot straight up at me.
      • The torch picked out a tiny red hermit crab as it climbed laboriously across the top of a sponge.
      • Scientists found male fiddler crabs often aid their neighbors when intruders threaten to move in.
      • Shining our torches onto the sand reveals thousands of hermit crabs scuttling from the light.
      • Eastern populations eat numerous horseshoe crabs during migration.
      • Male horseshoe crabs have two mating tactics that are associated with phenotype.
      • In fact, more tasty blue crabs are caught and sold than any other Hudson River species.
      • Generic placement of fossil spider crabs is often difficult because definitive criteria are rarely available for study.
      • Large edible crabs are everywhere, mainly females that are here to spawn.
      • A large red crab scuttled across the metal, hoping to avoid the snapper.
      • Will I be able to catch the mud crab?
      • Several large edible crabs have burrowed under the mast and others live inside the hollow structure.
      • We attributed the effect of predator exclusion primarily to juvenile green crabs and fish.
      • There are also sand crabs burrowing in the sand, which make good bait too.
      • If we ate a crab with its shell, we would have pretty sore gums.
      • Fishers in New Brunswick will disobey restrictions on crab fishing this spring.
      • Not so many people collect the crabs today as it's so labour-intensive.
      • There really is something very unbecoming about grown men chasing crabs on beaches alone.
      • You should move to Florida and hunt crabs on the beach all day in the nude.
      • Young fish, young crabs and molting crabs have lost shelter and refuge from their predators.

    • 1.2also crab meat

      cangrejo masculine
      jaiba feminine Latin America

  • 2informal crabs plural

    (pubic lice)
    ladillas feminine
    • So I get pregnant and get the crabs to boot.
    • Three weeks later, he had a healthy dose of crabs.
    • I never had one girl come down with an STD, not even crabs.
    • It seems that I have severe cases of genital warts, the clap, crabs, herpes and syphillis.
  • 3

    (in gymnastics)
    to do a crab hacer el puente

There are 2 main translations of crab in Spanish

: crab1crab2


rezongar, v.

intransitive verb crabbing, crabbed, crabbed

  • 1

    rezongar informal
    refunfuñar informal
    • The city is crabbing today about clock management, and there was an onside kick late in the game.
    • I have chattering and squealing, screeching and cooing, crabbing and carping.
    • The President crabbed about the leak in his Monday press conference.
    • Yes, usually we crab when a strike puts us out.
    • I had everything under control until you started crabbing about which books you hadn't read.
    • We sure don't need any more songs crabbing about how superficial the entertainment industry is.
    • I knew she was catching up on day's worth of missed sleep, so I didn't blame her for crabbing at me.
    • I'm going to finish this little pity party and get all my crabbing out at once.
    • Even if you were that man himself, you have no reason to be crabbed at because I'm having a bad morning.
    • She crabbed again when he didn't take advantage of the multi-laned road.