Translation of crabbed in Spanish:


apretado, adj.

Pronunciation /kræbd/ /ˈkrabɪd/ /krabd/

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    (handwriting) apretado
    • The crabbed handwriting was identical to the one on the note.
    • The painfully familiar Cyrillic letters were crabbed and uneven - as if battered by gales.
    • Thirty-four years after I made this crabbed notation - ‘Mr. Chapman and guest.’
    • I have again spent too long reading Klessa's crabbed writing.
    • A furry arm snaked out, hung a sign in a crabbed script, then whisked out of sight again.
    • Inside, a crabbed script covered page after page, interspaced by occasional line drawings.
    • On the wall hung a framed letter in faded brown ink, written in a crabbed and spidery fist.
    • You're left with a notebook page of highbrows, scribbled in a crabbed hand.
    • Plotinus wrote these treatises in a crabbed and difficult Greek.
    • They are recording with their crabbed hands what they are saying, a full transcript of what may be occurring.
    • Wendy noted the crabbed scrawl of her uncle's signature immediately above the notarization seal, then read the introduction.
    • For those not fluent in Italian, I will paraphrase the definition before me in Il Duce's crabbed hand.
    • It wasn't as though they were written down on teeny little Post-Its in crabbed penmanship and stuck onto the shelves backwards.
    • It was written with a pen in a crabbed hand, and the sum and substance of it was this.
    • Klessa's handwriting, in particular, is too damnably crabbed.
    • Atop the videocassette was a note penned in blue ink in my brother's surprisingly crabbed handwriting.
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