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grieta, n.

Pronunciación /kræk/ /krak/

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  • 1

    • 1.1

      (in ice, wall, pavement) grieta femenino
      (in glass, china) rajadura femenino
      to paper / paste over the cracks ponerle parches al problema (or a la situación etc.)
      • Calmer now, Jack stepped over to the window and drew a line along the crack with his bare finger.
      • It's surface was not impressive; cracks ran along the wall and the paint was slowly being peeled off by the weather.
      • I ran my finger along the cracks in the wall as I walked.
      • He held his right hand up, looking into the cracks and creases that lined it.
      • And it takes experience to be able to differentiate natural cracks from engraved lines.
      • Its engineers have now confirmed that there are 1850 rails with hairline cracks.
      • When I picked the element off the floor I could see it had developed a hairline crack at the base.
      • The single fracture was visible as a fine crack spiralling from one facet edge all the way to the centre of the stone.
      • A hairline crack appeared in the floor, heading towards the darkness.
      • He walked around the barracks until he found a small crack in the wall.
      • An apartment on the sixth floor has serious vertical cracks in its walls.
      • She was satisfied to see a tiny crack begin in the corner.
      • I noticed a small crack in the glass door.
      • Small hairline cracks can be repaired by simply spreading compound over them and sanding them smooth.
      • Now I could see the cracks in the sidewalk clearly.
      • I can feel the cracks in the pavement through the soles of my shoes.
      • She almost rejoiced when she saw a crack begin to appear in the surface of the glass.
      • He walked, with his head down staring at the cracks in the sidewalk.
      • I looked down at the grey footpath, stepping over the cracks in the pavement.
      • There was plenty of light, no dust, no cracks in the ceiling, nothing.

    • 1.2(chink, slit)

      rendija femenino
      • The terrain is easy to move over, hard mud with deep narrow cracks, easy to cross, but wide enough to hide in.
      • The guards opened the slightest crack in the door enough for her to slip through and beckon her closer.
      • As soon as the slightest crack was opened, the being started to move toward it.
      • The High Judge pushed open a crack in the door, beckoning the prince to exit.
      • Only a small source of light came in through the cracks in the ceiling.
      • A jagged crack shot through the ice and water gushed up in jets and spurts.
      • Evidently the shower head is leaking and has caused a crack in our ceiling.
      • The hairline crack split wider as a burst of green energy shot forth through it.
      • He described the source of the leak variously as a split or splice or crack along the length of the tube.
      • Large cracks ran up along the old wood, clearly showing its age.
      • There was not a mark of green anywhere not even between the cracks and lines.
      • He could see all the cracks and lines in them, made clear by the hot and dry sun.
      • While I was checking that out, I noticed that there was a crack in the gas line, and it was leaking.
      • As we follow the crack along we find more lobsters every few metres, lurking in their terraced cottages.
      • It seemed safer to escape through one of the many cracks running along the base of the wall.
      • Glancing at the crack along the edges of his door, the light outside was brightening.
      • The mould may not yet be broken, but the crack is dramatically widening.
      • An easy scramble led to the base of a 20 ft wall that was split by a wide crack.
      • Most rocks and soils are traversed by cracks along which water can flow much more easily.
      • The most common repairs are filling cracks and repairing surface damage.
      • I rolled over, seeing sunlight filtering through cracks in the walls.
      • They saw the flaws and cracks in the system. [But] we have to move on and think beyond one man.
      • He wanted to find a crack, something left vulnerable between the duo.
      • I've had to stop trying to look for cracks and flaws to prove that it's not as good as it seems.
      • It's going to find its way through the cracks in the system.
      • Unfortunately, the PSA department was not in the right hands, and by 1967, the cracks in the system had begun to show.
      • Many fell through the cracks of the system, landing in jail or on the streets.
      • They fear a major crack in the system and the consequences it will bring - not only for themselves - but the entire estate.
      • UNICEF estimates that five million Thai children have fallen between the cracks of the education system.
      • Still, the current fiscal crisis reveals the cracks in the system's foundation.
      • Both events, both images, represented cracks in a system that can no longer exist.
      • The economic weakness came on suddenly and has exposed some cracks in the financial system.
      • Cracks start appearing in Victor's near-perfect facade, cracks that are directly linked to his ambitions.
      • By day four the cracks were beginning to show and tiredness led to injuries.
      • The more rigid the character, the more you can notice the cracks in the foundation.
      • Contempt poured from cracks in his professional facade.
      • But, when you look carefully at each tiny detail, the cracks within your soul most certainly show.
      • It's a backhanded reassurance, one that allows for cracks of doubt in the organization's trust-us mentality.
      • There are certain bands that have more or less fallen through the cracks of critical analysis.
      • Slight cracks began to show and Keswick grabbed a goal, scoring from close to the back post.
      • His escaping further punishment could cause cracks in party unity.

  • 2

    (of whip, twig) chasquido masculino
    (of rifle shot) estallido masculino
    (of thunder) estruendo masculino
    (of bones) crujido masculino
    • Lightning flashed again outside, followed quickly by a loud crack of thunder.
    • She landed with a loud thud and a crack came from her ankle.
    • He winced when a twig snapped with a loud crack beneath his foot.
    • The explosive crack of a bullwhip can frighten cattle into a pen and even keep lions and tigers at bay.
    • There was a crack, louder than the sound of her wrists snapping, then a thud.
    • Soon great swathes of the countryside were closed off, and the emptiness echoed to the crack of gunfire as animals, many of them healthy, were slaughtered.
    • The sharp crack of their rifles echoes through the humid Georgia night, evoking cries of alarm and warning from the encampment ahead.
    • Five minutes later, Veronica heard three loud cracks of gunfire.
    • A loud crack was heard above the cheering in the packed pub and 47-year-old Paul let out a yelp.
    • A thunder crack sounded and the rain started to come down.
    • Suddenly, he heard a loud crack of thunder.
    • A sickening crack echoed through the air and I felt my stomach lurch.
    • Lightning lit the summer sky, quickly followed by a deafening crack of thunder.
    • As they lay there, another crack of a twig came from across the cave.
    • Nothing penetrated the silence except for the occasional crack of a twig or the rustle of leaves.
    • I'll miss the sound of the crack of the bat and roar of the crowd.
    • "Do you think… " another crack echoed around the room as Suze continued.
    • Something hits my right arm, and I hear the crack of a broken bone.
    • Nick heard the crack of his bone splintering as a searing pain shot through his face.
    • She was thrown through the air and hit the pavement with a sickening crack.
  • 3

    golpe masculino
    • What Montgomery conceived was a one-two punch, a British blow followed by an American crack.
    • My dad would get the report from our mother, make his way into our room, take off his belt, and deliver the requisite number of cracks.
  • 4coloquial

    intento masculino
    to have a crack at sth intentar algo
    • have a crack at solving the problem intenta resolver el problema
    • I've had a crack at taking some more pics, some have turned out OK.
    • Our greatest living portraitist, Lucian Freud, had a crack at it in 2001.
    • Two points later he had a crack at a second serve from Federer and took a big swing.
    • Too often I am sent a problem far too late to do much but sympathise, and wish I could have had a crack at the trouble earlier.
    • He has had a crack at cinema as well, grabbing a role in a Hollywood production dubbed Jungle Boy.
    • If somebody's having a crack at the nuclear program I hope they know what they're doing.
    • I'd had a crack at reading it a couple of years ago, but never really got anywhere.
    • Lastly, the youngsters had a crack at a 7m indoor climbing wall under the supervision of the ever-watchful PTIs.
    • Perhaps it's true that no story is complete until all involved have had a crack at telling it, but then again, maybe not.
    • Latter-day biographers and armchair psychologists all had a crack at why he liked to drink so much.
    • I've had a crack at science in all popular media and now work more in print than the medium I love most, radio.
    • If you've fancied having a crack at catching a real shark, then go for the blues and don't think twice about it.
    • I think they quite fancy having a crack at it, even if it is only for part of the tournament.
    • He will be catapulted closer to his second crack at the lucrative belt.
    • Having got his hands on the English title belt last year, he is chasing a crack at Scott Dann's British crown.
    • On Saturday, I thought I'd have a crack at repairing the shifter.
    • Because some people have come forward with an interest in writing my biography, I thought it might be no harm to have a crack at it myself.
    • Stefan hopes to eventually attempt both the North and South Pole and finally have a crack at Everest.
    • This might have been a call to far, but I will have a crack at it.
    • Isn't it better to have a crack at getting, like, a few, pretty-good policies in place?
  • 5coloquial

    comentario socarrón masculino
    to make a crack hacer un comentario socarrón
    • There were all sorts of cracks and jokes about diving off wardrobes etc.
    • They continued to lazily watch Stine, exchanging cracks and small jokes about the dog.
    • When he explains that the crack about encouraging homemakers to become lawyers was a joke, she chides him about his tone.
    • Englishmen walked tall through the streets, refusing to be drawn in by the traditional cracks and sneers.
    • Sure they toss cracks at so called ‘nerds’ but all in joking, nothing serious or near as intense as what they put me through.
    • My wife says I cannot tell a joke, but I can make off-the-cuff cracks that have been known to elicit the occasional chuckle.
    • He makes a further crack about his rival's empty posturing.
    • These gave him a chance to drop names, review an adventurous life, and get in a few cracks about the ignorant press.
    • Nick makes a crack about her driving, she makes the shot, and the alarm goes off.
  • 6

    crack masculino
  • 7

    • There was good food, good music and plenty chat and craic and a most enjoyable night was had by all.
    • This is a very popular event with plenty of entertainment and craic on the night.
    • The town prides itself in being a festival meeting, with plenty of craic on the streets and in the pubs at night.
    • They were widely known in former times, larger than life and a family who always enjoyed the crack and banter.
    • For the crack and banter and meeting old acquaintances, no journey was too far for the inimitable Tom.
    • He always liked to come back to Ballindine and have the crack and banter with the locals.


  • 1

    (shot/troops) de primera
    he's a crack player es un jugador de primera
    • But the Marines are different; they are crack troops, as trained physically as we are intellectually.
    • A superb siege by sea was planned and he was given six thousand of the best Syrian crack troops to accomplish the feat.
    • Mounted on horseback, a small team of crack troops are aware that locals know they are coming well in advance.
    • We are no longer the crack troops, fighting for a better and sexier tomorrow.
    • Conscripted into the Army, Harry was a crack shot in training and was sent to join a Lewis gun team.
    • Their crack troops would not have been so easily panicked or outwitted.
    • In one battle the unit he belonged to was to fight against crack enemy troops.
    • Not only are you a crack shot with a handgun, but you are also adept at the crucial placement of bear traps.
    • They are a crack unit of professionals, arguably the world's best.
    • Young criminals in West Yorkshire are to be taken to task by a crack team of professionals in a Government-funded initiative.
    • JBC claims to have a crack team of thorough professionals providing news from around the globe.
    • Could the Guardian's crack team of theatre experts give the show an instant makeover and turn its fortunes around?
    • A crack novice last season is the one they all have to beat.
    • He was a crack shot with a rifle and a superb horseman.
    • Thesiger was famous in Darfur chiefly as a crack shot.
    • Every single one is a crack shot and has to maintain an accuracy rate of at least 85 percent.
    • He took a ride to Chicago and back just to see how that crack train ran at its new high speed.
    • He liked golf but was never much of a golfer, liked shooting but wasn't a crack shot.
    • She's simply inserted into the plot as a romantic device who just happens to be a crack shot at two hundred-fifty paces.
    • Although specializing in hand-to-hand combat, 002 was a crack shot from distance.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cup/glass) rajar
    (ground/earth) agrietar
    (ground/earth) resquebrajar
    (skin) agrietar
    he cracked a rib se fracturó una costilla
    • Its superstructure began to fissure and crack apart from the concentrated barrages.
    • One of the claws broke in the attempt to lift the submarine, and a large section of its hull cracked off and fell back to the ocean floor.
    • It was as if someone had cracked open an egg on the top of my head.
    • I cracked apart the wings of my cookie and slid out the fortune: Look for love where you least expect it.
    • The plates continue to spread apart, the crust cracks again, another eruption of lava occurs, and another dike forms.
    • Later, when you've cracked apart that final crab claw, you see her notice you in the mirror over the lobster tank.
    • The concrete finally cracked apart and the wigwam tipped right over.
    • One last smash against the wall cracked apart the top of it, and a creature came into view.
    • Megan cracked open an egg and spilled its contents into a frying pan.
    • Her eyes began to crack open, her consciousness returning.
    • The chocolate cracked like an Easter egg when the spoon went through it.
    • I cracked the eggs open, and started cooking them.
    • I reached out to touch the one unbroken egg and as soon as my fingertip made contact it cracked open.
    • The child whose egg stays intact while cracking everyone else's eggs wins the game.
    • The hot pink nail polish cracks and breaks off into my mouth.
    • He laughed and I pretended to be offended, but ended up cracking a smile anyway.
    • Gabrielle finally cracked a small sheepish smile and slid down beside him gingerly.
    • Before his eyes, it cracked down the middle and shattered into a thousand pieces.
    • I glared at him but ended up cracking a smile.
    • The machine's arms lifted up, grasping it's head, rock and stone cracking and falling off in large boulders.
    • Mark kicked the glass and it cracked, he kicked again breaking it.
    • I put a glass of water outside just to see what would happen; not only did it freeze within minutes, but the glass cracked as well.
    • All that was salvaged from the ruin was a brass barometer with its front glass cracked.
    • I heard glass cracking and looked toward Emily, she was standing up.
    • To prevent glass or plastic from cracking, do not use hot water.
    • The pavement around the Market Cross is in a dangerous condition, with paving stones cracked and worn.
    • The town hall lost two bollards and a litter bin, railings, and a large stone pedestal has been cracked.
    • Generally, stone slabs should not crack if they are laid correctly.
    • The council told him the bays would then overlap the paving stones, which would crack under the weight.
    • He punched the door with his right fist, cracking the orange tinted glass.
    • Luckily the glass cracked and did not shatter, the door was very heavy and I was very lucky not to be hurt.
    • The stone cracked some of the pathway, and another soon fell behind her, startling her slightly.
    • Tile can be difficult to save as they are mostly glass and could crack and fly off in pieces.
    • The glass cracked right down the middle of the photo frame.
    • Headlights shattered and windshields cracked, the place was a disaster.
    • If the stone surface cracks, you need to replace the entire countertop.
    • The windows of the throne room blew open with such force that the glass cracked.
    • The conditions here can be so dry that even the best plastic cracks and breaks after a few years.
    • I grasped his hands in mine, so tightly they almost cracked under the pressure.
    • A twig cracked under the weight of her boot.
    • I thought it was broken and cracked down the middle!
  • 2

    • 2.1(break open)

      (egg) cascar
      (egg) romper
      (nut) cascar
      (nut) partir
      (safe) forzar
      (drugs ring/spy ring) desmantelar
      (drugs ring/spy ring) desarticular
      to crack a smile sonreír
      • he didn't even crack a smile ni siquiera sonrió
      • A tourist attraction will invite visitors to race a motorised gondola, crack a safe and save the world by defusing a bomb.
      • And, if he had to worry about beating the box, would he be able to crack the safe without zoning out?
      • She cracks safes as well as her father.
      • On these trips Fred learned many skills such as picking locks and cracking safes.
      • Will blinked the sweat out of his eyes as he worked furiously on cracking the safe.
      • The robbers cracked the first safe's combination, and inside they found only a bowl of vanilla pudding.
      • It takes him but two hours to crack the safe and remove its ill-gotten contents.
      • As she finished cracking the safe, she glanced around the office, still fighting back the feeling of unease.
      • They are hired to crack a safe, photograph the contents of a locked briefcase inside, and return it to the owner without him knowing.
      • It is extremely unlikely that he would crack a safe without leaving fingerprints.
      • Police didn't get wind of the robbery until nearly midnight, six hours after the safe was cracked and cleared.
      • Danny strolls around town, going places he shouldn't by lock-picking doors and cracking safes.
      • He'll make you a safe nobody can crack.
      • Safes are just as hard to crack in a bank as they are in a house; network security products are highly dependent on their environment.
      • If winning a league demands a knack for cracking safe combinations then winning a cup is all about picking pockets.

    • 2.2(decipher, solve)

      (code) descifrar
      (code) dar con
      (problem) resolver
      I've cracked it! ¡ya lo tengo!
      • Otherwise, you're making it much easier for someone to crack your code.
      • This might be a hard fact to crack, but you're growing up - and fast!
      • The lyrical logic is hard to crack, but the record proves maddeningly infectious.
      • Logan had been a hard case to crack but it had been well worth it.
      • It proves to be a hard case to crack, both experimentally and theoretically.
      • Now, the eyes of the world are back on Durban for a conclave on another hard nut to crack: racism.
      • These views were just as hard to crack as the idea that there is no alternative to capitalism.
      • Shouldn't a code have at least 4 or 5 different figures to make it really hard to crack?
      • Most new garage door openers have built-in security codes that are hard for crooks to crack electronically.
      • A 2048 bit key would be exponentially harder to crack.
      • The forces had succeeded in breaking all their other codes, and it was hoped that this would prove much harder to crack.
      • We've now discovered another challenge that may be harder to crack.
      • Certainly Chechnya is a devilish hard case to crack.
      • When they talk of ‘tradition’ the code is not hard to crack.
      • You'll be pleased to know that the only criteria for entry is a basic level of literacy - no codes to crack, no hard questions.
      • The crew might find cracking old cases harder than counting snowflakes in a blizzard.
      • The team will be hard pushed to crack this scam as the practice appears to have been arbitrary.
      • Several complications that make work hard for the scientist/detectives trying to crack this case.
      • This may make it a little harder to enter your password but it makes it a lot harder for anyone else to crack it.
      • Well, up until this point, you would think, listening to everything that we've heard so far, that it is going to be tough to crack this person.
      • In general, the longer the password and the more complicated it is, the more difficult it is for an unauthorized person to crack it.

  • 3

    (make cracking sound with)
    (whip) (hacer) chasquear
    (whip) (hacer) restallar
    (finger/knuckle) hacer crujir
    • She stretches, her stiff joints snapping and cracking loudly, sounding just like a firecracker when lit.
    • The shot rang out, cracking loudly and landing in an unknown spot.
    • He heard the ice cracking, the sound traveling up through the soles of his feet.
    • The sound cracked in the air every few seconds.
    • He yawned, stretching, and there was a popping sound as his spine cracked into place.
    • Suddenly, the sound of two bullets cracked through the air.
    • When the gun shot cracked through the air, I snapped into actions right away.
    • I was ripped from my thoughts at the sound of pebbles cracking and moving on the road… a carriage.
    • Another shot cracked through the silence, and over in the trees the birds scattered.
    • The lash cracked in the air, the sharp sound waking all the slaves from their torpor.
    • She scrambled up the ladder and shots cracked from guns and ricocheted off metal and pocked brick wall.
    • Each sound is rendered in precise detail - bullets crack as they pass your head and thud wetly as they enter your body.
    • She cracked her whip, and it hit the carrot out of its hand.
    • Yashi laced his fingers together, pulling hard until his knuckles cracked.
    • Sabriel swiftly stepped forward and socked Darius soundly across the face, punching him so hard that her knuckles cracked.
    • I wanted to slap them both so hard that my knuckle cracked as I tighten my hands in fists.
    • Then Stern took the reins and cracked the whip even harder.
    • She whispered something into his ear and he cracked the whip even harder so it seemed to rattle around Taira's head.
    • There was some short guy standing on the right end of the line, cracking his knuckles trying hard to look intimidating.
    • She put down her ridiculous hammer and cracked her knuckles.
  • 4

    (hit sharply)
    I cracked my head on / against the beam me di con la cabeza contra la viga
    • She found herself falling hard, the floor cracking against her ribs and back.
    • His toe cracked against something hard and out of place.
    • Song's head cracked hard on the floor next to the welcome mat.
    • She twisted around and threw Fayer down into the ground so hard his head cracked against the pavement.
    • His head cracked against the paving stone, and his vision exploded before his eyes.
    • Her legs gave way and she fell, knocking the wind out of her lungs and cracking her head against the hard, tiled floor.
    • She fell back onto the sidewalk, cracking her head on the hard concrete.
    • Maondrid cracked his head against the ground again, hard.
    • He may have been able to catch himself before he fell and cracked the back of his head on the hard concrete.
    • Had he not been quick to get his hand under her neck she would have cracked her skull on the hard ground.
    • I crack my chin on the hard tiles and bite my tongue; the metallic taste of blood is in my mouth, the pain sharp and stinging.
    • She severely cracked her knee, and also gashed her jaw.
    • The soft grass cushioned them, but Dusty managed to roll further than the others and crack his head against hard packed dirt.
    • I jumped a bit at the sound of her hand cracking across his cold cheek.
    • Then something hard and cold cracked against his head causing such an explosion of light and pain behind his eyes that it nearly took him under.
    • I realised he wasn't breathing, so I turned him over face down across my arm and cracked him really hard on his back a couple of times.
    • While I bent down the door swung to and cracked me hard on the forehead.
    • And that's when I cracked him again, a sucker punch that knocked the wind out of him.
    • Rory Hurley cracked home a vicious shot to give Pat's the lead.
    • Willie Wilson then cracked in a shot, which Reid did brilliantly to tip over the bar to deny the Fifers.
  • 5coloquial

    • Hang on, weren't we cracking the same joke last year?
    • He cracked a few jokes as he became comfortable with the podium.
    • I'm just about to crack a rather forced joke to her when something over her shoulder catches my eye.
    • Befriend them, be nice to them, tell them their hair looks nice, crack the odd risqué joke, flirt with them a little.
    • He only smiled occasionally and that's only when Darren cracked a really funny joke.
    • In this theatre-dance piece, Langfelder dances, cracks jokes and zips around.
    • Sometimes he even cracks jokes and indulges in informal attitudes.
    • She sings, hosts a talk show and often cracks jokes for her audience.
    • He comes in, looks around, mumbles about my wires and cracks some really bad jokes.
    • He never smiles during games and what's even more surprising is that he never cracks jokes during post-match interviews.
    • Vaughn cracks many jokes, but the bulk of the commentary is devoted to stories and behind-the-scenes tales of the film.
    • For example, he often cracks jokes to relieve unresolved anger, he says.
    • Phil has a joking personality, and always cracks jokes.
    • Stefan is volatile and often cracks bad puns, and also has a hatred of fashion.
    • We all crack jokes, we all take care of each other, we're all loving.
    • She couldn't be sarcastic and crack jokes when it's not appropriate, that's just not who she is.
    • The guy doesn't even crack many jokes: these things speak for themselves.
    • And even the photographer was so pleased; he even cracked a few lame jokes.
    • They didn't even crack their usual jokes as the beginning of practice.
    • And there was nothing else he could do, he cracks, lest he sound too spiritual.
  • 6

    (petroleum) craquear
    • Palladium catalysts are used in refining and cracking petroleum.
    • Methanol and ethanol are most commonly derived from cracking petroleum into smaller hydrocarbons.
    • Amorphous alumina-silica composites are used to crack or split hydrocarbon chains in petroleum refining.
    • During the 1930s, catalysts were introduced to promote chemical reactions during cracking.
    • One of the important reactions in oil refinement is hydrocarbon cracking.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (cup/glass) rajarse
    (rock/plaster/paint/skin) agrietarse
    his composure began to crack empezó a perder la compostura
  • 2

    (make cracking sound)
    (whip) chasquear
    (whip) restallar
    (bones/twigs) crujir
  • 3

    (voice) quebrarse
    • I yelled, my voice cracking and squeaking through my panic.
    • The story takes Pat Williams back almost 23 years, and even now, his voice cracks and quivers over the telephone as he tells it.
    • ‘Um yeah I'll be out in a minute,’ Cassie quickly answered hearing her voice crack.
    • I could swear I heard his voice crack at ‘killing’, but I refrained from going to comfort him.
    • ‘I need you to walk over to my house, get my car and come get me,’ I could hear my voice crack.
    • I felt my voice crack, but I continued, trying to go on without wavering, which was extremely hard.
    • Allie whispered in instinctive response, fright clogging her throat, making her voice crack.
    • I took the information from him, nervously listening to his voice crack, and called an editor.
    • I felt my voice crack with the formation of a tingling knot in my throat and I immediately fell silent.
    • The riffs flew effortlessly off his fingers, and he sang harmony without having his voice crack.
    • Bryson looked down and when he finally spoke, I could have sworn that I heard his voice crack.
    • She was annoyed with herself, when she heard her voice crack miserably at the end.
    • I degraded myself for letting him catch me like that and than letting my voice crack.
    • Hannah yelled into the phone, anger making her voice crack.
    • Then, I heard her suddenly shut up and her voice crack.
    • But then why are there tears in my eyes and why did my voice crack?
    • Manny was surprised to hear his voice crack and feel tears at his eyes.
    • I heard his voice crack as he rocked me in his arms.
    • It took every effort she had not to let her voice crack.
    • The microphones in the box were full of static, making Cameron's voice crack and differ in volume.
  • 4

    (break down)
    she cracked under the strain sufrió una crisis nerviosa a raíz de la tensión
    • something cracked inside her and she began to sob no pudo contenerse más y se echó a llorar