Traducción de cracked en Español:


rajado, adj.

Pronunciación /krækt/ /krakt/

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  • 1

    (cup/glass) rajado
    (rib) fracturado
    (wall/ceiling) con grietas
    (wall/ceiling) resquebrajado
    (lips) partido
    (lips) agrietado
    (skin) agrietado
    • In more advanced cases, fish net-like cracks resembling the fine fracture lines of cracked porcelain can occur.
    • Her eyes suddenly trailed to a line of smeared blood upon the cracked surface of the marble floor.
    • His cracked and toughened face split wide in a grin.
    • Much of the trail system surface had become very cracked.
    • He made his way along the hallway, which was lined with cracked, white wallpaper.
    • Then, when the sun finally comes out and the soil dries, it forms a hard, cracked surface.
    • The standing stones are weather-beaten and cracked, but they remain nevertheless.
    • One of your motor mounts might be broken or cracked.
    • But members highlighted the need for more modern wash basins and toilets, as some were cracked or broken.
    • ‘They were replaced as many of them were broken, cracked or lifted,’ he said.
    • No one but Mark heard it, but Mark was pretty sure he had just received a slightly cracked rib.
    • David heard several cracks that he knew meant only one thing, cracked ribs.
    • Then she looked over her shoulder through the cracked mirror… and screamed.
    • She set the brush down, taking a glance at herself in the cracked mirror.
    • Irony belongs with those loose pebbles by the road and the occasional cracked windshield.
    • The sun's rays filtered in through the open windows and the cracked windshield.
    • Shaking his head and squinting through the cracked windshield, his voice rose.
    • A soft wind blew through my hair as I stepped on the cracked pavement.
    • She gradually slowed down until she was stumbling along the cracked pavement amongst other pedestrians.
    • He said the cracked vertebrae had no direct bearing on the cause of death.
  • 2coloquial

    a cracked idea una chifladura coloquial
    • she's completely cracked está completamente loca
    • I suspect I looked a bit cracked but didn't care.
  • 3

    (voice) cascado
    • Among the aspiring singers were those with cracked voices, nasal tones, and lisps.
    • I began to play and sang along though my cracked voice.
    • ‘I don't have the strength to sit up, kid,’ he said in a dry, cracked voice.
    • ‘Lexi wants you and Mike to come out to the common room after dinner,’ his cracked voice replied.
    • What this gentle veteran wants most, he tells me in a cracked voice, is a nice holiday.
    • Wendy affected an old, cracked voice as she padded into the bathroom.
    • He'd get some old sailor to sing an old sea shanty with a cracked voice.
    • He retracted his arms from around her shoulders in hearing her cracked voice.
    • Someone was cackling into the other end of the phone and then a dry, cracked voice began to speak.
    • He replied to the man in a soft, cracked voice, and suddenly felt grief and regret take him.
    • He turned up the volume as a cracked voice began to pop on and off as he fiddled with the control board.
    • He looked about the room before beginning to speak in a broken and cracked voice.
    • A cracked, harsh voice suddenly speaks out of the darkness, conveying all the desolation of Mars.
    • Dennis, with his cracked and gravelly voice, didn't even sound like a Beach Boy.
    • There is a long silence before he slowly says, in his cracked and pained voice; ‘There was one.’
    • ‘Oh, child, come away from there,’ admonished a cracked, though not unkindly voice.
    • I tried to keep the nervous hint out of my voice but my voice came out kind of cracked.
    • Her voice is cracked - she is often caught gasping hard - but even today there is a certain unique charm in Leela's voice.