Traducción de crackle en español:


crepitar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkræk(ə)l/ /ˈkrak(ə)l/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (fire) crepitar
    (fire) chisporrotear
    (twigs/paper) crujir
    the line's crackling a lot hay mucho ruido en la línea
    • The fire crackled and sparked, sending small bits of flame into the crisp night air.
    • The wind sang its gentle desert lullaby, and the prisoners' fires crackled and snapped quietly.
    • Hunkered down in my studies, I'd hear the trailer suddenly begin to crackle like a beer can crushed in a fist.
    • Is there anything quite so snug and cozy, more redolent of home than a good fire crackling on the hearth?
    • A small fire crackled merrily on the hearth over which a kettle hung.
    • The sound of his voice crackled loudly over the speaker, which couldn't quite keep up with his volume.
    • Just as Kimberly was about to say something else, the intercom crackled to life.
    • Another bolt of lightning crackled loudly over their heads.
    • The radio crackles again and we are called to a pub to deal with a fight that has broken out.
    • He could not hear the flames crackling around him, nor Sorcha calling for him to stop.
    • A Fire crackled in the fireplace, and the furniture was in ok shape.
    • I sat curled up on the Victorian sofa watching the flames burn and crackle in the fireplace.
    • A speaker in the ceiling crackled loudly with some code and two nurses hurried up the hall.
    • She could hear leaves crackling underfoot as she and her father walked through the mountains in autumn.
    • Machine guns crackled across the late afternoon sky.
    • The fire in the fireplace crackled softly and set a soft glow upon the room.
    • He covered one wall and then another when his comm unit crackled again.
    • The radio transmitter crackled again and the pilot swore under his breath.
    • Birds were calling at us, and leaves and sticks snapped and crackled beneath our feet.
    • Then she crackled her knuckles and darted out into the Meadow, where she was greeted with an unfamiliar sight.
  • 2

    this city crackles with excitement esta ciudad bulle de entusiasmo


  • 1

    (of twigs, paper)
    crujido masculino
    the crackle of the fire el crepitar / el chisporroteo del fuego
    • the crackle of gunfire el traqueteo de los fusiles
    • Chest examination revealed fine late inspiratory crackles with otherwise normal breath sounds.
    • There is lots of white noise in the track - crackles and pops that indicate age and handling mishaps.
    • The music sometimes sounds a bit wobbly, and pops and crackles are heard throughout the mixes.
    • "All the time I was climbing over the wreckage, I could hear the crackle of flames.
    • I threw it back and spun around when I heard a loud crackle.
    • Auscultation of the lungs revealed inspiratory crackles in the lower lung zones.
    • There was a loud crackle of flames, and it was over.
    • The only sound was the soft crackle of flames and crickets chirping in the field.
    • My hands tingle and I hiss as the slight, uncomfortable crackle of electricity.
    • She closed her eyes and listened to the soft crackle of the warm campfire.
    • The crackle of gunfire could be heard over the noon call to prayer.
    • Above the static and the crackle of automatic gunfire there was the sound of sobbing and screaming.
    • They sounded exactly the same as in the movie, with the radio crackle afterwards.
    • Adam sat bold upright as the crackle of twigs breaking caught his attention.
    • His boots clumped loudly on the stone floor, accompanied by the sharp crackle of burning wood.
    • Sharp crackles of escaping air fill the night already alive with the sounds of crickets.
    • There was a dead silence in the room except for the occasional crackle of the jumping embers inside the fireplace.
    • The sound is richer and free of the very occasional crackle and hiss that existed on the laserdisc.
    • The cave was silent except for an occasional crackle from the dying fire.
    • A crackle of thunder ripped through the darkening sky and the rain became more intense.